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Fresh fish outside the city/box

The brand new, non-truck incarnation of Sushi Fix may have you asking, "Wayzata the hell would they build it out there?". But an expanded menu of the fish that won them curbside acclaim, plus a heft of izakaya fare and sake, make it worth it

Like the bare bones sushi shops of Japan, they let the colorful food do the talking. Also... the waiters, who sort of have to in order to take your order

The sushi bar is manned by two men only to ensure quality. They may occasionally also speak

What? You've never seen a women's room plastered in sumo wrestler erotica

How about a men's room with a borderline-uncomfortable wrap of female Japanese pop stars

In the dining room, things get more serious with this 1850s photo of the actual last samurai who also happens to be the great, great, great, great (give or take a great) grandfather of the sushi master who taught the dude behind Sushi Fix everything he knows. About sushi. He surely knows all sorts of other things this guy didn't about computers/cell phones/etc

The menu itself is as playful as it is lengthy, with rolls like the "Double D": spicy salmon & snow crab topped with tuna, jalapeno, and Sriracha

This flavor-plosion is a killer compilation of octopus, tuna, and salmon

Wash it down with imported sakes, or a Japanese beer like this Kirin served on ice, which they claim is the traditional way, and is only fitting to be served in traditional Wayzata.