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Wine bar goes to Uptown, gets awesomer

Spill The Wine's Uptown location is totally different from its former Washington Ave digs: it's bigger and more open, the menu is almost entirely retooled, and it's just a generally cooler wine bar (which is totally better than a generally wine-cooler bar, by the way).The sun set on LynLake's Sunrise Cyclery, so they moved in and made things feel more loft-like than their old brownstone storefront, but with appropriately reclaimed-woody features.The totes new tapas-esque menu breaks down into Smaller Plates, Bigger Plates, and Bites like these grilled olives and peppers. Unless you've got an enormous mouth, these truffle cheese curds are actually at least four bites.Nothing beets this Smaller Plate! At least until they serve more beets on a larger one.Bigger Plates include lamb ragu, skirt steak, the Pork Belly Burger with cumin aioli, and this King Crab BLT on "bacon bread", so it's actually more like a BBBLT.See what they did there with the wine barrels?Wine ranges from $6-14 a glass like Bridlewood Pinot Noir, to mid-range fulls like the $40/ bottle Tangley Oaks Merlot, to a higher end that tops out at the $90/ bottle Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. And if fermented grapes dishonored your family, their bar's got cocktails and local suds like Summit, Badger Hill, Brau Bros, and Fulton, AKA how much Bartles & Jaymes you would've housed had this place actually been wine-cooler-only.