A NY food truck road trips to the 305

Seasonal migration is one of the miracles of nature: arctic terns do a 44,000mi round trip, wildebeests traverse the Serengeti by the hundreds of thousands, and as it gets deeper into fall, your emotions about the Dolphins head directly south. For a taco truck letting you benefit from its own southern migration, find Montaco.

Run by two cuties bummed by the lack of good beachside eats in Montauk, Long Island, Montaco's a bright fuchsia taco truck slinging elevated Mexican beach food that just arrived in Miami after an East Coast road trip that saw them leave their broken down El Camino (which they'd park next to the truck for seating) in Fayetteville, NC, which is really nothing to (Fort) Bragg about. The heart of the menu's tacos done with daily-made blue corn tortillas holding stuff like local mahi sauteed with onions & tomatoes, and topped w/ chipotle mayo; sauteed shrimp w/ tomato & avocado; and one with pureed black beans, tomato, avocado, and cotija cheese called the "Beaner", which is far more delicious than the "Beamer", although not nearly as good at coaching special teams/ cultivating goiters. There're also some interesting non-taco goods like quesadillas fashioned from the same stuff, salads like the Fancy Mexican (watercress, beets, mango, jicama, pumpkin seeds, Montaco vinaigrette), and an all-beef wiener wrapped in bacon, with crema, jalapeno, and pickled salsa called the Mexi-Dog, who agreed to be involved with this project even though he really quieros Taco Bell.

Thirst killers come in the form of fresh-made juices like watermelon, cucumber lime, hibiscus iced tea, and lemonade with mint, plus Jarritos sodas in grapefruit, tamarind, and orange -- also one of many Gatorade flavors Tony Sparano will never have dumped over his head.