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Montreal's Best Brunch Spots

Brunching in Montreal is a weekend rite of passage. A Sunday just doesn’t feel the same without some overpriced eggs drizzled with copious quantities of sauce, followed by a pitcher of Bloody Caesars or mimosas. But given the hefty price tag that usually accompanies these outings, you want to make sure your money is well-spent, preferably at some of Montreal’s best brunch spots.

Restaurant L'Avenue


Every day of the week, amidst madly painted walls and under a hanging motorcycle, L'Avenue's breakfast-goers take selfies with sculpted eggs Benedict and generous cocktail glasses. This is our favourite breakfast in Montreal, but be warned -- even on a weekday at 8:30am, you’re likely to stand in line for your fruit skewer.

Burgundy Lion


If you are looking to feel like an English traveler while eating your breakfast, come to this dark-but-warm pub on a weekend morning. We're suckers for the kippers & mash brunch option (Burgundy Lion's rendition can convert anyone to a smoked-herring-in-the-morning kind of person), but you can always go for a traditional and have your eggs with a side of beans -- and, of course, a Caesar.

The Sparrow

Mile End

Marked only by a small round bird sign above the entrance, this popular brunch place may be hidden from sight, but not from mind -- it’s high on the list of locals’ favourites. Try the shakshuka with merguez sausage, or the Turkish breakfast... and always go for the bourbon lemonade.

le vieux velo
Ksenia Prints/Thrillist

Le Vieux Velo


Come to this charming cafe with an eclectic vintage air and mismatched plates for hearty, traditional breakfast in the early morning, or all day during the weekend. The atmosphere here is just relaxed and homey enough to make you forget how many cups of coffee you’ve actually had.


The Main

What started out as an ad-hoc brunch arrangement served out of the previously mentioned The Sparrow, has blossomed into an empire. Lawrence now has a butcher shop, a small plates restaurant, and of course, its flagship fine-dining namesake establishment. The brunch specials are always changing, but you can expect hearty fare with special attention paid to unusual cuts of meat.



A newcomer to the Montreal brunch scene, 3734 wins us over by offering what might be the one of nicest ways to have your breakfast: lounging on a cute terrasse in one of the city’s hippest neighbourhoods. The food here is simple, but done well, and really, that's all you need.

Régine Café

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Regine Café is a charming little neighbourhood spot with slightly upscale fare and beautiful pastries. The brunch here is legendary (as well as the persona Regine) throughout the city, and tastes as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Le Cartet

Old Montreal

Known for its decadent French fare, Le Cartet's brunch is something special indeed. The food here is meticulously executed, and you can bet that everything you get is truly prepared with expertise and care.

Beautys Luncheonette

Mile End

The Beautys Special and the Mish-Mash are why people have been queuing up outside the doors of this Montreal institution since 1942: a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, and red onion, and an omelette with hot dogs, salami, onions, and green peppers, respectively. According to the owner, no matter how many times you’ll try to recreate these simple dishes at home, you will keep coming back for that good ol’ Beautys taste.



A stylish place decorated in 1970s art nouveau, Ludger may seem just like another hip Saint-Henri joint upon first blush. But a taste of the poached eggs in cream and spinach will send you to food heaven, while the chicken & egg sandwich will cement your dedication to lunch food for breakfast. Open only on Sundays for weekend brunch.


Mile End

Fabergé is definitely a place to see and be seen during weekend brunch hours, filled to the brim with fashionable people strutting their best nonchalant but totally chic weekend outfits. Once you get past the trying-too-hard vibe, the food here is what’s it’s all about: generous, modern, and decadent.



Prohibition is NDG’s hippest subterranean brunch option. From glorious eggs to famous fried chicken and challah French toast, the food here doesn’t skimp on flavour, presentation -- or calories.


Little Italy

Though brunch doesn’t come cheap in a city with so many options, the selection at Salmigondis is well worth the higher-than-usual prices. It’s a place you go for a well-tailored, expertly served, and perfectly executed experience, whether for brunch or dinner.

Bagel Etc

The Main

Though Leonard Cohen is no longer a regular at this Saint-Laurent fixture, Bagel Etc remains as bustling -- and popular -- as ever. Come here for interesting twists on that infamous Montreal breakfast fixture, the bagel sandwich, and the wall of different hot sauces to adorn your sandwich or plate of eggs.

Le Richmond


Another brunch spot you visit when you want to feel like a Rockefeller, or at least a Bronfman. The people here are beautiful, the setting is gorgeous, and the food is lavish -- but you’ll be paying through the nose for the whole affair. At a place with a retractable terrasse, what else would you expect?



If you’ve been dying for some thick cuts of prime meat with your breakfast, then Lavanderia is the place for you. An homage to chef Antonio Park’s Argentinian upbringing, this beautiful Westmount restaurant is a sharp departure from the meticulous, pricey sushi we’ve come to associate with Chef Park, but the same flair and attention to detail are visible in every dish served here.

Le Bon Vivant


We just can’t get enough of Le Bon Vivant’s Mexican breakfast skillet. Piled high with cheese, tortillas, and homemade salsa, this sizzling-hot dish arrives to your table with a side of cold avocado crema -- and a warning not to touch the pan. The rest of the menu is just as playful, pulling from cuisines all around the globe.

Santa Barbara


One of the hottest new restaurants in Montreal is Santa Barbara, which riffs off authentic Mexican food with skill, flair, and an attention to detail that is usually reserved only for fine dining. All the sweet and savoury breakfast options here are excellent, but you simply can’t pass up a taste of the restaurant's cocktails -- they’ve been making a name for themselves throughout the city. Open for brunch only on weekends.

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Ksenia Prints is a freelance writer and food blogger, photographer, and recipe developer for At the Immigrant's Table whose second passion is music festivals. Follow her exploits in the kitchen and beyond at @immigrantstable.
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