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The 10 best burgers in Montreal

Published On 10/08/2014 Published On 10/08/2014
Le Gros Jambon Burger
Shawn K. Thompson

Our dear cousins to the South may have their faults, but inventing meat-laden, bunned treats is not one of them. The burger renaissance that has rocked Montreal for a few years is now paying off big time, so we've rounded up the finest burgers in town for your edification...

Shawn K. Thompson

The Uniburger

Uniburger (address and info)
Quartier Latin
It took some guts for Uniburger to open shop in the ex-home of La Paryse (RIP), a famous burger joint whose loss was mourned by many. But this might be a blessed address, because Uniburger continues the burger magic with this amazingly juicy number, thanks to the AAA Canadian beef (minced daily), molten cheese lava, and special Uniburger sauce. Hey, they didn’t win last year’s Burger Week with this one for no reason.

Facebook/La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse

The Mob

QDC Burger (address and info)
High-end steakhouse La Queue de Cheval recently opened this back alley counter that serves up haute buns on the go. The Mob is a mean deal of pepperoni, sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, spicy harissa tomato sauce, and spring truffles. Alleluia.

Shawn K. Thompson

The Coke burger

Le Gros Jambon Diner (address and info)
Old Montréal
This charming little Old Port address with a friendly and cool staff delivers this amazing meatwich made with caramelized onions, real and crispy bacon, and their signature Coca-Cola mayo. Oh -- and a deep-fried dill pickle, which is as amazing as it sounds.

Shawn K. Thompson

The Shrimp burger

Kazu (address and info)
Mastermind Chef Kazuo Akutsu offers this must-devour haute burger for a knockout price ($12) in his tiny and always-busy Downtown Japanese resto. The grilled patty is made with fresh Atlantic black tiger shrimp and is well worth the line (because there is always one).

Facebook/Burger Bar

The Hangover burger

Burger Bar Crescent (address and info)
This beast is the Hangover burger. Winner of the 2012 Burger Week People’s Choice Award for Best Burger in Montreal, it's a tower featuring a AAA beef patty, American cheese, bacon, “mini” poutine, fried egg, caramelized onions, and truffle oil. Yes, that’s everything you like in one bite.


The Sparrow burger

The Sparrow (address and info)
Mile End
This hip, Mile End bar famous for its brunches also serves this delicious made-to-order burger for lunch. Get it medium rare. I’d also run across the street to get former Sparrow Chef Marc Cohen’s burger (lunch only), at his must-try, all-the-rage British restaurant: Lawrence.

Facebook/Copoli Westmount

The Copoli Burger

Copoli (address and info)
Various locations
Hungry? Well at 8in across, this beast is likely the largest burger in Montreal -- and if you want to add a little more quality to that quantity, then spring for the cheese & bacon toppings.

Shawn K. Thompson

The Buck Burger

Dilallo Burger (address and info)
Various locations
Italians making burgers? Yep, since 1929, you go to Dilallo for its Buck Burger, a perfected layering of spicy Italian capicollo, beef patty, cheese, relish, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, and delicious homemade spicy Italian pepper, tucked inside their signature upside-down hamburger bun.

Facebook/Jukebox Burgers

The Hulk burger

Jukebox Burgers (address and info)
Just make the trek to this out-of-the-way, '50s-style diner for the Hulk burger. They’ve replaced the hamburger buns with TWO bacon grilled cheeses. Need we say more?

Shawn K. Thompson

The cheeseburger

Dic Ann’s (address and info)
Various locations
How could we not mention Dic Ann’s? This homegrown fast-food chain invented this weird flattened burger that bathes in a very mysterious chili-esque sauce. You use a popsicle stick to lift it up and eat it all. Get (a few) cheeseburgers, all-dressed, for a whopping $2.80 a piece and if the red light on the wall is on, it’s because the Habs won the game.

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1. Uniburger 302 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, H2X 1H6

This place knows to to do burgers. They're immense, dripping with cheese & special sauce, and they're just about guaranteed to put you in a delightful food coma that clears away just in time for your next meal.

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2. QDC Burger 1181 rue de la Montagne, Montreal, H3G 1Z2

Part of the high-end steakhouse La Queue de Cheval, QDC serves up a variety of burgs cooked to order. But if you want their best, you gotta get The Mob burger, with pepperoni, sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, spicy harissa tomato sauce, and truffle oil.

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3. Le Gros Jambon Diner 286 Notre Dame W, Montreal, (Old Montreal)

This Old Montreal resto (translated to "The Big Pig") serves up some truly gut-busting and delicious dishes, such as their Coca-Cola burger that’s drenched in Coca-Cola-flavored mayo.

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4. Kazu 1862 rue Ste-Catherine O., Montréal, H3H 1M1

This tiny, traditional Japanese izakaya located in downtown Montreal features specials like a "48 hour pork" rice bowl, BBQ pork necks, and lunchtime special ramen.

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5. Burger Bar Crescent 1465 rue Crescent, Montreal, H3G 2B2

This award-winning burger resto serves up a variety of juicy meat discs including cheese burgers, bacon cheese burgers and something called the Supersonic Burger, which is topped with onion rings, Jarlsberg cheese, bacon, dill pickle, tomato, banana peppers, and spicy mayonnaise. And if that's not your thing, take down one of their other sammies or tasty poutine.

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6. Sparrow / Le Moineau 5322 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2T 1A5 (Mile End)

This resto & cocktail spot's always filled with Mile End neighborhood regulars who come back for The Sparrow's baller weekend brunch. On the must-eat list: banana and chocolate-filled donuts, smoked salmon & scrambled eggs, and a potato & cabbage dish called Bubble 'n Squeak.

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7. Copoli 19 Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, H2T (Plateau)

One of a handful of locations, Copoli serves up an 8in beef puck that will dominate your hunger, and don't forget the bacon and fries. Oh, and if you're not in the mood for a burger (for some reason), you can also get poutine and other sammies.

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8. Dilallo Burger 2523 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, H3J 1N6

The famous Dilallo Burger is a true Montreal institution in the best sense of the word. Be sure to try its famous "Buck Burger." It's not actually a dollar, but at $4 or so, no one's complaining.

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9. Jukebox Burgers 11798 de Salaberry, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, H9B 2R8

Biting into a burger at Jukebox is like music to your ears, but don't overlook their dogs, poutines, or ice cream.

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10. Dic Ann's Hamburgers 10910 Boul. Pie-IX, Montreal, H1M 1S8

Dic Ann's Hamburgers holds two world records for the number of hamburgers and cheeseburgers served in an hour -- impressive, but not as impressive as the burger itself! A flattened patty soaked in their secret sauce is the place's specialty, and with over 15 locations across Canada, you can get it nearly anywhere in the country.