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The 8 best sushi spots in Montreal

Published On 05/14/2014 Published On 05/14/2014
Katherine Sehl
Kyo Bar Japonais
Katherine Sehl
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Saint Sushi Bar
Park Restaurant
Mikasa Sushi Bar
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1. Sushi D茅panneur 1475 AV.Mont-Royal est, Montreal, QC H2J 1Z1

Exploit the fact that this corner store not only has all your personal care needs, but also a full-service sushi bar. So bring a date and enjoy some chic sushi rolls or sashimi while you grab some deodorant and toothpaste for later and uhh whatever else you may need..?

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2. Kyo Bar Japonais 711 C么te de la Place d鈥橝rmes, Montreal, H2Y 2X6

This slick Japanese izakaya offers over 25 varieties of sake and wine, an impressive sushi bar, and killer cocktails like the wasabi-infused Kyo Cesar or Sake Colada.

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3. Tri Express 1650 rue Laurier E, Montreal, H2J 1J2

The fish here is incredibly fresh and the plates are simultaneously traditional and creative. Most importantly: everything is crazy delicious.

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4. Sushi Hana 3211 Chemin de Chambly, Longueuil, J4L

Although it's not located inside the Montreal city limits, it's definitely worth a trip out to Longueuil for their fantastic sushi. The long and detailed menu includes one-of-a-kind options like Japanese curry, a bagel-inspired roll, and a sushi pizza (!) that actually comes with cheese.

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5. Saint Sushi Bar 424 Duluth Est, Montreal, H2L 1A3

This Plateau fish spot rolls out a myriad of festive and delicious rolls and other Japanese fare, including a roll made with spicy mayo, tempura, avocado, cucumber and Boston lettuce named after Tupac. Seriously.

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6. Park 378 Ave Victoria, Westmount, H3Z 2N4

Park, named after Executive Chef Antonio Park, serves up a fusion of homemade dishes with an Asian-inspired twist. Chef Park has a private fish import license which, as we all know, allows the restaurant to employ freshly caught seafood in its dishes.

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7. Mikado 399 Ave Laurier Ouest, Montreal, H2V 2K3

Although this Outremont spot offers up a wide assortment of tasty Japanese options, make sure you try out their maki roll selection. There, you'll find one of their specialties that pays homage to Montreal 'hood NDG, and comes wrapped in rice paper and filled with tuna dynamite, tempura, avocado, green apple, and spicy sauce.

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8. Mikasa Sushi Bar 2049 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3A 1T6

This Downtown resto is the kind of place where you鈥檒l want to book a low-tabled tatami room with a bunch of friends, and order a bunch of specialty rolls to share -- especially the orange liquor flamed Le Flamb茅e roll. You won't be disappointed.