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Montreal pizza can kind of suck, but these 6 pizza joints don’t

Published On 11/13/2013 Published On 11/13/2013
Pizza St. Viateur Montreal
Katherine Sehl

You know that old adage about pizza: “even if it’s bad it’s still good”? Not true in Montreal. It can be bad. Really bad. But thankfully, when it’s good, it’s ridiculously good -- so we nobly suffered through all the crappy pies this city could throw at us in order to uncover the delicious gems, so that the next time you find yourself craving some ‘za, you won’t have to roll the dice. You’re welcome.

Katherine Sehl

6. St-Viateur Pizza
Various locations
Slapped right in the middle of Mile End, St-Viateur makes the cut by not only having a solid selection of pies (Italian sausage & banana hot peppers/ smoked salmon & Alfredo sauce, etc.), but they're totally reasonably priced too -- they even have a "four for $30" deal, slinging you a quatro of nine-inchers for only $7.50 a pop.

Katherine Sehl

5. Pizza Mory's
Pizza doesn’t get more Montreal than it does at Pizza Mory’s -- their poppy seed crust makes you feel like you’re eating what is basically the greatest Montreal bagel ever, plus, they're always generous on the toppings, as evidenced by the “tout-garni” (all-dressed) Mory’s Special, loaded w/ sausage, green peppers, pepperoni, and 'shrooms.

Restaurant Miss Jean Talon

4. Restaurant Miss Jean Talon
This classic, Greek-run pizza diner is all the things that a pizza joint should be: cheap, life-affirming, and greasy. Obviously their Greek pizza, topped with the usual suspects (feta, toms, onions & olives) is a wise selection, but it also isn’t a bad idea to get crazy with their All-Dressed number which, comes w/ bacon, onions, and delicious smoked meat. Good for delivery, but their pre-folded box-lined windows and old-fashioned diner booths are worth the trip.

BEVO Bar Pizzeria

3. BEVO Bar Pizzeria
Old Montreal
Sure, BEVO may be fairly new on the Montreal pizza scene, but it’s pretty clear that their pizzas are the real deal -- their Southern Italian-style wood oven-scorched numbers start off traditional (proiscutto, black truffle, etc.) but then get jazzed up with topping combos like the Capriciosa, coming w/ sausage, 'shrooms, and hardboiled egg. Also? They have a Nutella pizza.

Pizzeria Magpie

2. Pizzeria Magpie
Mile End
Pizzeria Magpie painlessly unites the nostalgia of old country wood oven-baked pizzas with a slightly more newfangled menu of entrées and a solid selection of microbrews. Don’t even look at the menu, just do as we say: order the Prosciutto pizza with chili oil. This godly ‘za comes baked on a perfect crust: fluffy on inside, crispy on the outside, and is topped with gooey bocconcini cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and of course, deliciously salty prosciutto.

Flickr user Psychs

1. Pizzeria Napoletana
Petite Italie
If you’re looking for the straight-up best pie in town, then look no further. Pizzeria Napoletana has been churning out 41 different 'zas and 34 different pastas in the heart of Little Italy since 1948, including faves like their onion & bacon topper, and their marinara-laden clam & shrimp number. The only problem is that they’ve built up such a reputation, especially after being featured on shows like You Gotta Eat Here, that a reservation is pretty much required.

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1. St-Viateur Pizza 15 rue Saint-Viateur ouest, Montreal, H2T 2K7 (Mile End)

With various locations, St-Viateur Pizza is one of the easiest and tastiest options for a quality pie in Montreal.

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2. Pizza Mory's 4702 Verdun, Verdun, (Verdun)

This mom-and-pop pizza place does truly original Montreal pizzas, including one made with a poppy seed crust reminiscent of a famous Montreal bagel.

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3. Restaurant Miss Jean Talon 901, Jean-Talin ouest, Montréal, H3N1S7 (Parc Ex)

The pizza at this Greek resto is everything it should be: cheap, greasy, and unbelievably tasty.

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4. BEVO Bar + Pizzeria 410, rue St-Vincent, Montréal, H2Y 3A5 (Old Montreal)

The folks at BEVO know how to make a mean pie, their products are Southern Italian-style wood oven-baked pizzas, available with a number of toppings both traditional and unusual.

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5. Pizzeria Magpie 16 rue Maguire, Montreal, H2T 1B8 (Mile End)

This Mile End pizza palace cooks up perfect pizzas with flaky crusts and luscious toppings using wood ovens to bring the pies to the perfect intersection of crispy and fluffy.

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6. Pizzeria Napoletana 189 rue Dante, Montreal, H2S 1K1

This place might have the best pizza in all of Montreal, plating 41 different pizzas and 34 different pastas in Little Italy since 1948.