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The 12 Best Bacon Dishes in Montreal

Published On 05/06/2015 Published On 05/06/2015
Ta Pies
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Deville Dinerbar
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L'Gros Luxe
La Banquise
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1. Ta Pies 4520 Ave Du Parc, Montreal, H2V 4E3

This Plateau eatery is a Australian-/New Zealand-influenced specialty bakery, sprung in 2010 by New Zealand-born Chef Don Hudson. Here, you'll find delicious Down Under specialties like hand pies, which consist of perfectly flaky crusts filled with a variety of savory ingredients.

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2. Brutus 1290 Beaubien Est, Montreal, H2S 1T9

Head to the Plateau to visit this drinkery where drinks are made with bacon-infused vodka and will have guys feeling the romance with their garnishes: bacon roses. The awesome and quirky menu does not end with drinks. Everything on the food menu includes bacon, like the bacon caramel donuts and the Brutus salad, which comes in a bowl made of bacon.

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3. Joe Beef 2491 rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, H3J 1N6

An ode to Charles "Joe-Beef" McKiernan, a 19th century innkeeper and Montreal working-class hero, this resto serves up Quebecois classics like sausages, hot smoked salmon, and 18oz steaks (dubbed the "Monsieur's portion" on the menu) in the heart of Little Burgundy.

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4. Au Pied de Cochon 536 Ave Duluth Est, Montréal, H2L 1A9

Dining at “the foot of the pig” ("Au pied de cochon") is a Montréal must, as Chef Martin Picard has created a temple for all things meaty, decadent, and over-the-top (read: poutine topped with foie gras!). While ultra-luxe ingredients like red wine chutney and pig's trotters are a common theme here, their application to low-brow foods is what sets this bustling restaurant apart. The price tag might not match the casual atmosphere, but exaggerated indulgences like pan seared foie gras with goat cheese and raspberries on a brioche will blind you to dollar signs.

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5. Deville Dinerbar 1425 rue Stanley, Montreal, H3B 5K2

Deville is a unique diner and bar located in Downtown Montreal that serves up a variety of pastas, sammies, burgers, and salads. Or if you're in more of a drinking mood, there's a full bar of unique cocktails.

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6. Uniburger 302 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, H2X 1H6

This place knows to to do burgers. They're immense, dripping with cheese & special sauce, and they're just about guaranteed to put you in a delightful food coma that clears away just in time for your next meal.

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7. Léché Desserts 15 Rue de la Commune Ouest, Montréal, H2Y 4B2

Owned and operated by an internationally trained pastry chef, Leche Desserts has been rolling out a variety of gourmet donuts and other specialty cakes and pastries for more than six years.

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8. La Banquise 994, rue Rachel Est, Montréal, H2J 2J3

This Montreal Poutinery, to coin a phrase, is open day and night and serves up scrumptious curds 'n gravy fries in a variety of configurations. On top of that, there's a more general menu for traditional fare such as burgers and sandwiches, and they've got a number of microbrews to choose from as well. But really, lets cut the pretense, we know you're mainly here for the scrumptious and squeaky pouty-pouts.

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9. Diablos Smokehouse Saloon 3619 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal, H2X

Diablos serves up authentic, Southern US-style BBQ that's smoked to perfection. Choose from a myriad of options ranging from pulled port sliders and chicken wings to brisket, burgers, and ribs, and more.

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10. Aux Vivres 4631 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, H2T 1R2

Even the most meaty of meatatarians have to admit that this vegan resto's meat substitutions can taste better than the real thing, and that's why this makes for one of the best-kept secrets in the city.