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Montreal’s resolution-breaking restaurants show you how to win at life

Published On 01/02/2014 Published On 01/02/2014
Resolution Breaking Restaurants Montreal
Katherine Sehl

We’re all pretty sick and tired of your do-gooder resolutions. PLEASE. We all know where they're going to end up, so let's just skip to the good bit shall we? Here are the restaurants you should be going to to kick off 2014 properly:

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Joe Beef
Little Burgundy
Two words: foie gras double down. What? Was that more than two words? We're sorry, we couldn't hear you over the sound of two chicken patties covered in cheese, bacon, foie gras, and maple syrup.

Camion Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon
A good plan for the new year would be to go to Chef Martin Picard's resto and order the whole left side of the menu, including the legendary foie gras burger and foie gras poutine duo. Or, if you feel like immediately torpedoing the exercise you just did,  chase his food truck around and order the pork donut sandwich.

Katherine Sehl

Joblo Restaurant Steakhouse
No one goes big better than JoBlo Steakhouse, where their burgers are about the size of your torso and their Caesar comes garnished with a "slider" that's basically just a regular-sized burger. Not into burgers (we pity you)? Try "Le Red Light” sloppy joe poutine.

Diablos BBQ

Diablos BBQ
Latin Quarter
Seeing as the folks behind Diablos BBQ are the famed creators of the godly, Burger Week-winning Cheesus burger (a burger that uses cheese as a bun), you can kind of talk your way into treating visits to their resto as a necessary religious duty. Why not join the church of Diablos BBQ for 2014? Benefits include: all-you-can-eat ribs every Monday, tiki cocktails, bacon brownies with chili salted caramel, brisket sliders, and Sundays rock way harder. 


Multiple Locations
If your plan was to lose 15lbs, then it shouldn’t be so hard to lose another 15 right? Resolve to lose 30lbs and take on Poutineville’s 15lb heart attack poutine. Served to you in a frying pan (plates don’t come this big) this baby’s topped with bacon, chicken, wieners, ground beef, ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and obviously melty mozzarella cheese curds and gravy.

Le Gros Jambon Diner

Le Gros Jambon
Old Montreal
This spot, whose name means “The Big Pig” en Français, will make you just that, thanks to its famous BCLT (bacon, confit du canard, lettuce, and tomato) or their Coca-Cola burger, drenched in soda-flavored mayo.

Cacao 70

Cacao 70
Please. Your righteous resolution preaching hasn’t fooled anybody. You’re right into that leftover Christmas chocolate, so you may as well get into this: the Nutella Ricotta Cheese Pizza. Don’t ask questions. Just do it. Wash it down with a chocolate soda.

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1. Joe Beef 2491 rue Notre-Dame O, Montreal, H3J 1N6

An ode to Charles "Joe-Beef" McKiernan, a 19th century innkeeper and Montreal working-class hero, this resto serves up Quebecois classics like sausages, hot smoked salmon, and 18oz steaks (dubbed the "Monsieur's portion" on the menu) in the heart of Little Burgundy.

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2. Au Pied de Cochon 536 Ave Duluth Est, Montréal, H2L 1A9

Dining at “the foot of the pig” ("Au pied de cochon") is a Montréal must, as Chef Martin Picard has created a temple for all things meaty, decadent, and over-the-top (read: poutine topped with foie gras!). While ultra-luxe ingredients like red wine chutney and pig's trotters are a common theme here, their application to low-brow foods is what sets this bustling restaurant apart. The price tag might not match the casual atmosphere, but exaggerated indulgences like pan seared foie gras with goat cheese and raspberries on a brioche will blind you to dollar signs.

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3. JoBlo Restaurant Steakhouse 3807 Wellington St, Verdun, QC H4G 1V1 (Verdun)

They might have goofy-named menu items, but the items themselves are delicious, and includes a 16oz AAA angus rib steak and other amazing meats.

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4. Diablos BBQ 1693-A rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, H2X 3K4

Diablos is the perfect spot in Montreal to experience authentic Southern American BBQ, including a very un-traditional burger option that arrives sans bun.

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5. Poutineville 1348, rue Beaubien Est, Montréal, H2G 1K8

They got the name right here, that's for sure. Poutineville serves up a myriad of different poutines from standard to 15lb heart attack poutine with bacon, chicken, wieners, ground beef, ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese curds and gravy.

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6. Le Gros Jambon Diner 286 Notre Dame W, Montreal, (Old Montreal)

This Old Montreal resto (translated to "The Big Pig") serves up some truly gut-busting and delicious dishes, such as their Coca-Cola burger that’s drenched in Coca-Cola-flavored mayo.

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7. Cacao 70 2087 rue Ste-Catherine, Montréal, H3H 1M6

This place has chocolate everything, from their Nutella Ricotta Cheese Pizza to their chocolate soda. Yep.