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The 16 Best Spots for Cheap Eats in Montreal

Published On 03/04/2015 Published On 03/04/2015
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L'Gros Luxe
Satay Brothers
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Arepera du Plateau
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1. Tejano BBQ Burrito 511 Rue De Courcelle, Montreal, H4C 3C1

Nothing is better than a good burrito made with fresh ingredients. Now, if you could take a good burrito made with fresh ingredients and add killer BBQ flavor to it, it can only get better, and that's exactly what Tejano does.

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2. L'Gros Luxe 3807 Saint-André, Montreal, H2L 3V9

This bistro, coffee shop, and bar offers up high-quality eats at affordable prices, and with multiple branches, it's easy to satisfy your cravings for breakfasts and main courses that are cheap and come in large portions.

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3. DĂ©panneur Le Pick Up 7032 Rue Waverly, Montreal, QC H2S 3J2

The crowd at Depanneur Le Pick Up is diverse, from the old-school lunch counter to the back porch patio, people come from all over to indulge in artisan-style sandwiches for working class wages. What started out as a convenience store has now grown to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Try the pulled "porc," a faux veggie version that uses chinese vegetarian bean curd with spicy sweet chili sauce to create the shredded meat texture. It might have you considering the vegetarian thing (okay, let's not go that far).

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4. Satay Brothers 3721 Rue Notre Dame O, Montreal, H4C 1P8

Located in St. Henri, Satay Brothers has been offering delectable Singaporean fare (that's vibrant, fragrant, and cheap) since 1983.

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5. Qing Hua Dumpling 1676 rue Lincoln, Montreal, H3H 1G9

Whether you’re a vegetarian, pescetarian or carnivore, there is a dumpling with your name on it at this Downtown Chinese spot, especially if you're a fan of cheap eats (you are).

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6. Restaurant ChinaTown Kim Fung 1111 Rue Saint-Urbain M05, Montreal, H2Z

Kim Fung is outstanding Chinese food, through and through, with cheap bites ranging from traditional dim sum dumplings to more unique options.

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7. Patati Patata 4177, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H1W 2Y7

This joint not only has a list of mouth-watering burgers (including their Mediterranean Burger with feta, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and a tzatziki-inspired sauce), they also do supremely tasty fries for the perfect combo.

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8. Sumac 3618 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, H4C 1P5

Sumac has quite a following thanks to its family-style plates and easy lunchtime atmosphere. A fresh, Israeli-style falafel is hard to find in North America, and Sumac turns its over quickly enough that they maintain their perfectly soft interior and crispy skin.

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9. Thali Cuisine Indienne 1409, rue Saint-Marc, Montreal, H3H 2G4

Thali serves up some of the cheapest Indian food in the city, and here's the bonus: it's also really good. Here, you'll find silky paneer, spicy lamb curry, fluffy naan, and rice that falls into perfectly cooked grains, and all for $9.50 or less.

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10. Pho Lien 5703-B Chemin De la CĂ´te-des-Neiges, Montreal, H3S

At Pho Lien, you can choose from about 10 beef phos made with brisket, tendon, tripe, and other yummy cow parts. What appetizer should you get with your pho? Order either the papaya beef salad, or the spring rolls.

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11. Arepera du Plateau 4050 Rue de Bullion, Montreal, H2W 2E5

Entirely gluten-free and house-made, the arepas at this Plateau institution have developed quite a name for themselves. The toppings come in inventive combinations, and there is a real sense of the love and care put into each dish. And at $9 and less, it’s much easier to come to Arepera du Plateau than to take a trip down to Venezuela.

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12. Vua Sandwichs 1579, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, H2X 3K3

This little shop has supplied many Montreal diners on more than one occasion, and with good reason: Vua Sandwichs is famed across Montreal for amazing, deeply flavourful banh mis at a fraction of a typical sub. With a small 7in sub starting at $2.95 and the most expensive 10in clocking in at $3.75, no one would blame you if you bought two at once.

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13. Café Falco 5605 ave. De Gaspé, Montreal, H2T 2A4

With immaculate design, Japanese coffee siphons, and a unique, understated aesthetic in food, Café Falco is a great place to come work and eat, even if you aren’t flush with cash.

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14. St-Viateur Bagel & Café Monkland 5629 Ave de Monkland, Montreal, H4A 1E2

This, the Monkland outpost of St-Viateur, doles out all the tasty carbs and breakfast items as the other locations. But don't overlook the lunch options, which range from quality sammies to salads and more.

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15. Serrano Bar-B-Q 161 rue Saint-Viateur O, Montreal, H2T 2L4

A tiny restaurant with only eight seats, Serrano is more of a take-out place than a sit-down eatery. But don’t pass up the incredible Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken at this mom-and-pop shop; with the most expensive sandwich at just over $6 and your choice of thigh or breast meat, there’s no reason not to keep coming back here every day.

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16. Omnivore 4351 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, H2W 1Z8

Omnivore serves up its fusion Middle Eastern fare in a slightly classier atmosphere than many other cheap eateries, and Montreal’s diners respond in droves. This is food meant for sharing, so for the best bang for your back, come with friends.