The Montreal Metro Burger Map

There might not be an underground burger scene in Montreal (which would be amazing), but we do have the next best thing: a map of the best burger spots -- and the burger to get there -- within a 10-minute walk of virtually every stop on the Metro. 

Check out a blown-up version of the map here, and see below for each line in its individual glory.

Orange Line

Côte-Vertu - Decarie Hot Dog: The Bacon Cheeseburger
Du Collège - Restaurant Rasputin: Russian Hamburger
De La Savane - Tiffanys Restaurant: The Empire State Burger
Namur - Gibeau Orange Julep: The Cheeseburger
Plamondon - Tasty Food Pizza: The Bacon Cheeseburger
Côte-Sainte-Catherine - TK Restobar: The Ramen Burger
Snowdon - Snowdon Deli: The Club Roll
Villa-Maria - Monkland Taverne: The 5555 Burger
Vendôme - Cosmo's Snack Bar: The Cheeseburger
Place-Saint-Henri - A.A. Restaurant: The Cheeseburger
Lionel-Groulx - Pub Burgundy Lion: The Lawrence Burger
Georges-Vanier - Le Boucan Smokehouse: The 5 Napkins Burger
Lucien-L'Allier - QDC Burger: The Surf N’ Turf
Bonaventure - Mister Steer: The Mister Steerburger
Square-Victoria - Le Gros Jambon Diner: Coca-Cola Burger
Place-d'Armes - Rosewood: Le Massif
Champ-de-Mars - Jardin Nelson: Roast Beef Sandwich
Berri-UQAM - Uniburger: Cheesburger Double
Sherbrooke - Burger Royal: The Big Boss
Mont-Royal - L’Anecdote: The Anecdote 4
Laurier - ART:brgr: The Cardiac Arrest
Rosemont - Ô Deux Soeurs: The Mediterranean
Beaubien - Faste Fou: THE FROMAGE CRÉME
Jean-Talon - Bistro L’Enchanteur: The Bacon
Jarry - Le Coin G: The Coin G
Crémazie - Patate Rouge: The Double Bacon Cheeseburger
Sauvé - Frite Alors!: The Buccaneer Burger
Henri-Bourassa - L’Estaminet: The Burger de luxe

Green Line

Angrignon - Friterie Normand Enr: The Cheeseburger
Monk - Dilallo Burger: The Buck Burger
Jolicoeur - Restaurant Deli Green Stop: The Mushroom and Swiss Cheese
Verdun - Balconville: The 1855
De l’Église - JoBlo Restaurant Steakhouse: Le Gros Porc
LaSalle - J’M La Frite: The Chef Burger
Charlevoix - Paul Patates: The Cheeseburger
Lionel-Groulx - Pub Burgundy Lion: The Lawrence Burger
Atwater - Chez Nick: The Bacon Cheeseburger
Guy-Concordia - Kazu: The Shrimp Burger
Peel - Burger Bar Crescent: The Hangover
McGill - Five Guys Burgers & Fries: Bacon Cheeseburger
Place-des-Arts - Brasserie T!: The Cheese Burger
Saint-Laurent - Montreal Pool Room: The Bacon Cheeseburger
Berri-UQAM - Uniburger: Cheesburger Double
Beaudry - Pataterie Chez Philippe: The Zeke
Papineau - Restaurant Lafayette: The Bacon Double Cheeseburger
Frontenac - Bistro Sur La Rivière: The Bistro Burger
Préfontaine - Miami Deli: The Cheeseburger
Joliette - La Pataterie: The Double Bacon Cheeseburger
Pie-IX - Monsieur Smith: The Duck Burger
Viau - Restaurant Cabotins: The Venison Burger
Assomption - Dallas BBQ: The Texas Burger
Cadillac - Roasters Rotisserie Bar: The Roaster Burger
Langelier - Centrale Bergham: The Paysant
Radisson - Harvey’s: The Original Burger
Honoré-Beaugrand - Le Grill Barroso: The Burger Barroso

Blue Line

Snowdon - Snowdon Deli: The Club Roll
Côte-des-Neiges - McCarold's: The Edson 1884
Université-de-Montréal - Resto-bar La Maisonnée: The French Burger
Édouard-Montpetit - Le Percé: The Percé Burger
Outremont - Les Enfants Terribles: The Bœuf Burger
Acadie - Restaurant Miss Jean Talon: The Angus Burger
Parc - Mile-Ex: The Motherf** Burger
De Castelnau - Dépanneur Le Pick Up: The Big Bernie Mac
Jean-Talon - Bistro L’Enchanteur: The Bacon
Fabre - Restaurant Deli Plus: The Cheeseburger
D'Iberville - La Boulette: The Bleu Ermite
Saint-Michel - Bélanger Pizzeria: The Bélanger Burger

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