Casual Ethiopian eats in SoMa

It's pretty impressive when one person executes a cool concept completely on his/her own, and that goes for things other than The Human Centipede too. Building a sweet Ethiopian eatery with the help of no man, the lady at Moya. Opening up in a long n' narrow SOMA space, Moya's a casual Ethiopian eatery from a hobbyist chef (and Club Waziema's proprietor's cousin) who did everything from gutting the joint, to designing the menu, to wrangling city permits herself; when asked if she'd do it again knowing what she knows now, she confidently responded "[long pause]...yes". While the 48-seat resto's dominant feature's a big ol' open kitchen full of "mainly Ethiopian" chefs doing their thing, other action includes an earthy tiled floor, a long marble bar, and wall-hung artwork that mimics an ethnic style that dates back 900 years, like Abe Vigoda's ex-GF, but ethnic. All day fare's made from scratch, and ranges from breakfast "Fuz" (eggs with "Injera" bread, beans n' veggies), to spicy chicken stir fry, to beef tartar with spiced butter and chili peppers, to tomato/onion-aided lentil salad, not to be confused with Lendl salad, which is aided by a green card/topspin from the baseline. On weekends, Moya will rock traditional "coffee ceremonies" and serve fresh specialty drinks that resemble Macchiatos. Those, tea, and soda are your only beverage options for now, as they don't yet have a liquor license -- but that's OK, since you don't really get to pick what you drink at the end of the 'Pede.