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The 12 Best Breakfast Spots in Nashville

Published On 03/17/2015 Published On 03/17/2015
Brita Britnell/Thrillist
Brita Britnell/Thrillist
Brita Britnell/Thrillist
Barista Parlor
The Red Bicycle
The Southern Steak & Oyster
Brita Britnell/Thrillist
Provence Breads & Cafe
The Pfunky Griddle
Marche Artisan Foods
Pancake Pantry
Sky Blue
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1. The Red Bicycle 1200 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208 (Germantown)

This Germantown cafe doubles as a full service crepe shop, serving options ranging from breakfast varieties with egg combos, to sweet and savory versions. While the space is long and spacious and outlined with sit-down boots, a casual cafe atmosphere permeates throughout, and you'll see as many diners catching up over a meal as students catching up on work.

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2. Biscuit Love 316 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 (The Gulch)

The offshoot of a one-time food truck, the beloved Biscuit Love is a fast-casual breakfast mecca in the Gulch. The specialty is all in the name: biscuits are at the forefront of the menu, served just out of the oven with butter and honey, with fried chicken and gravy, as buns for a burger, as “Bonuts” (fried biscuit doughnuts), and more. Enjoy your flaky, buttery biscuit any way you want it, for breakfast or lunch, every day of the week.

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3. Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant 500 Church St, Nashville, TN 37219 (Downtown)

What started out as a grocery store in the '50s is now one of Downtown Nashville’s best restaurants. It is mostly well known for its breakfast, but you can also snag a quality lunch or dinner, with options ranging from steaks to chicken and waffles to burgers, salads, and more.

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4. Bagel Face Bakery 700 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206 (East Nashville)

Sometimes all you need in the morning is a fresh, warm bagel sandwich (and a good cup of coffee, of course!) handed to you by the friendliest bagel staff you ever did meet. Bagel Face in East Nashville has a great selection of bagels and schmears to satisfy pretty much any morning craving. If you're looking for something more hearty, try an egg and cheese bagel for a perfect start to your morning. Grab a coffee, a newspaper and enjoy your breakfast in their welcoming dining area, complete with a whimsical mural of the logo on the wall.

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5. Barista Parlor 519B Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Barista Parlor's always rocking beans from at least three different roasters from up-and-comers likes Minneapolis's Dogwood to nationally-renowned roasters like Intelligentsia and Stumptown.

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6. The Southern Steak & Oyster 150 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201 (Sobro)

The Southern Steak & Oyster is a downtown favorite, with a menu that offers a combination of down-home dishes like the Saffire Steak Biscuits and seafood delights like fried oysters, which are shucked in-house and served atop a mash of veggies, in a rustic-chic setting. And don't forget about their sweet shot-and-beer specials.

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7. Frothy Monkey 235 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219 (Downtown)

One of numerous locations, this Downtown eatery has your breakfast, lunch, and coffee needs covered with numerous options including sammies, oatmeal, soups, salads, and its famed "California" dish, which is two fried eggs, avocado, and sprouts, atop sourdough toast with house-made salsa.

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8. The Pfunky Griddle 2800 Bransford Ave, Nashville, TN 37204 (Berry Hill)

Wanna see your breakfast cooked right in front of you? The Pfunky Griddle is the spot. Each table is equipped with a griddle in the middle where you can watch your food cooking. For less than $10, you can eat ALL of the fresh pancakes you want. And we highly encourage you to go a little crazy with the pancake toppings, seeing as there are over 25 to choose from.

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9. Marché Artisan Foods 1000 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206 (East Nashville)

Head to this cafe where you'll see a variety of different dishes for dinner (the menu changes monthly) and if you go in the morning, you'll see lines of hushed East Nashville residents wearing sunglasses (even when it’s cloudy) stretch out the door to get inside and sit down to a revitalizing brunch of inventive pastries, delicate crepes, or steak and eggs that will put a little lead back in your pencil. Thankfully, there’s also a wide variety of gourmet coffee drinks and international teas, plus wine and more.

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10. Pancake Pantry 1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212 (West End)

This mom & pop shop’s formula for success includes a lot of family tradition, regular trips West into the Great Smokey Mountains for fresh-milled TN flour, and a secret recipe base that Robert Baldwin, the current owner’s father, concocted when he opened Pancake Pantry’s doors in 1961. And, despite a half-century of growth, you’re still going there for the pancakes. Not that you could forget that, since even the huge omelet or egg-combo orders (like the 8oz ribeye steak & eggs option) also come with buttermilk cakes.

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11. Sky Blue Cafe 700 Fatherland St, Nashville, TN 37206 (East Nashville)

This East Nashville eatery is a solid bet for a quality breakfast, with a myriad of options from the average bacon and eggs to more creative dishes like Stuffed French Toast Pancakes, not to mention a variety of coffees and more.



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