10 Instagram food fails that we really hope you're not making

If there's one food people like to share on Instagram, it's super-hot burgers. But if there's a second through eleventh thing they love to share, it probably falls into one of the following categories of food-based Insta-awfulness. Here are the 10 Instagram moves that'll earn you the disdain of your followers, who wish you'd stop being such a terrible social media swallower.

cat feeding

Pet feeding
The only thing less interesting than watching someone feed themselves.

hot dog legs

Hot dog legs
And to think, we used to relish photos like this.

Instagram girl cookies

Saying you're fat when you're not
Hello, skinny girls in crop tops multitasking baking cookies and begging for compliments.

 kevin durant instagram fail

Food knowledge fail
Kevin Durant, we love you, but Cabernet doesn't have bubbles in it.

clean plate Instagram

Clean plate club
The only person proud of you for finishing your vegetables is your mom, and she's not on Instagram.

instagram kitchen dishes

Your kitchen
Yep, that's where you make quesadillas and cereal and a full meal once every three months. It looks just like ours!

Chili's margarita

Ironic chain restaurant visit
That's really cool that you spent money at Chili's in a funny way, instead of the other way where you buy food you actually want to eat. Also those Southwestern Eggrolls are totally legit, yo.

boyfriend thanks instagram

Boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife appreciation
We're happy you have someone who loved you enough to cook you a frozen pizza.

toast instagram

Instagramming a toast means bad sex FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. (Side note: Instagramming a piece of toast is an aphrodisiac to anyone not on the paleo diet.)

latte art starbucks

Latte art
Bonus points if it's from Starbucks. Double bonus if it looks like it was finger-painted by a child.