See how everyone is going nuts over the 'naise

Once upon a time, mayonnaise was best known as the goop that hickish TV characters smeared over anything and everything. And while some habits die hard, lately everyone seems to be catching mayonnaise fever

Restaurants are getting increasingly creative with their mayo concoctions. The Hamptons' South Edison offers up lobster rolls in fermented black garlic mayonnaise, while Chi-town's Pei Wei Asian Market is serving Chinese BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with Thai basil mayo (see above). And don't forget Chewy's, the Philly food cart that's created a cider mayonnaise called "Apples to Apples"

You can even go to store that sells nothing but mayo. Empire Mayonnaise hit Brooklyn earlier last year, and has already built up an impressive catalog. Want some white truffle mayo?

They've got it. Lime pickle?

Check. There's even baconnaise, which is a something that began long before Empire opened its doors.

This bewitching blend was pioneered by the bacon experts over at J&D's in 2007. Since its launch, it's made plenty of noise online and on the boob tube. In addition to appearances on Oprah and Jay Leno, baconnaise made a cameo with the king of fake news

And this whole baconnaise thing has even been taken a step further. How could it go further, you ask? Well...

....It's been deep fried

So you know how mayonnaise owes much of its existence to eggs? Well it's apparently so good even the vegans want in. These noted egg shunners have created their own honest-to-goodness "vegenaise" to stay part of the mayo party

Speaking of the mayo party, another card-carrying member is The Boss himself. Springsteen used to eat mayonnaise and Velveeta sandwiches -- a combination that is somehow not all over the Internet -- on the regular in his younger days, when he was also gorging "strawberry goop"

Did you know mayo is used to kill lice? We didn't either 'till watching a recent episode of The Office on NBC. eHow put together this guide to suffocate the litter buggers, which requires dousing your head in mayo and wearing a shower cap for 6-8 hours. WARNING: Don't eat the mayo after washing it from your head. Unless you're from West Virgina, where mayo-slathered lice are the height of cuisine

If killing lice weren't proof enough of mayo's power, now for the clincher: Search "mayonnaise challenge" on YouTube and you will find a very disgusting treasure trove of people shoveling mayo down their gullets. Since everyone knows viral video stardom equals worldwide stardom, let's all pause and hail the new king of the food world. Vive le mayonnaise.