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What You Absolutely Can and Can't Put in the Microwave

Published On 05/04/2015 Published On 05/04/2015
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There are many things you should put in a microwave -- TV dinners, popcorn, anything from Ja Rule's long-anticipated cookbook -- but there are also plenty of things you should not put in the microwave, like Styrofoam or a whole egg. So here are the dos and don'ts, my friends. Microwave safely. 

Can you microwave...

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... a Styrofoam takeout container?

Nope. These things are one-time use -- they may melt and may cause toxic fumes.

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... an egg?

Nope! An egg microwaved in its shell will explode. 

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... plastic storage containers?

Sure can! Sometimes, anyway. Just double-check that they're labeled microwave-safe and cancer-causing BPA-free.

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... wax paper?

Go for it! This stuff is meant to protect the inside of your microwave from exploding red sauce. 

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... aluminum foil?

NO! The electrical current could spark a fire.

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... grapes?

Not advised. Contrary to popular belief, microwaving grapes will not yield raisins. Though you can make plasma

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... plastic wrap?

Sure. The plastic wrap will remain intact, but you might risk chemicals leaking into your food. Your call.

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... a paper lunch sack?

I'd prefer if you didn't. People may try to convince you that making popcorn with 'em is a good idea, but the USDA insists the kind you get from the grocery store are unsanitary and may cause a fire. Better safe than sorry.

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... a travel mug?

Nah. Unless the mug specifically says it's microwaveable, don't try it.

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... a corgi puppy?

Nope! Corgi puppies are not microwave-safe. There's metal in the collar.

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... a yogurt cup?

No, no, no. No matter how warm you like your yogurt, these lil' plastic vessels are not meant to be heated. Same goes for sour cream and margarine containers.

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... Pyrex?

Yup! You can put this highly durable glassware in the microwave.

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... a Chinese takeout container?

No! The metal handle is a huge fire hazard.

Carrie Dennis is an associate editor for Thrillist and would never actually microwave a puppy. Follow her on Twitter: @CarrrieDennnis



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