14 ice cream GIFs to cool down your computer monitor

ice cream sandwich

Whether you're a regular person or a collection of pixels perpetually trapped in a loop for all of eternity, you love ice cream. And so, in honor of summer and hotness and ice cream, we've decided to assemble 14 GIFs of television and film characters enjoying (and sometimes just being in the presence of) that most sacred of frozen treats

Homer has no issues venturing to our physical plane to consume a conveyor belt of ice cream.

There's nothing like a nice second bowl to help you forget about how much you hate your life.

Who can resist ice cream? (EDITOR'S NOTE: Only Lieutenant Dan can resist ice cream.)

Texans love ice cream, too.


Toppings? How about some never-ending chocolate syrup?

Ice cream is a treat that knows no boundaries of time or space...

... except for the space between it and your mouth.

Sometimes, even zombies will lay off the brains for some vanilla soft serve. (It's just as squishy.)

C'mon! Even Ron Swanson will eat it!

And, sure -- it can get messy sometimes...

... and occasionally gravity wins...

... but it's a proven fact: there is ALWAYS room for ice cream.

This message was kind of approved by Barack Obama.