Whether fried or chased with booze, dills are the latest foodie obsession

Their prominence in Snooki's mouth may have turned you off, but let's face it: even Jersey Shore cast members can't ruin pickles. We go to shops specifically dedicated to them and order crazy side dishes like fried pretzel-coated pickles dipped in buttermilk ranch and Old Bay aioli in their honor. But the pickle possibilities run much deeper than just that. How deep? Glad you asked

This past year alone saw plenty of new pickle storefronts. New York's Lower East Side was blessed with An Choi Pickles (pictured above) and Seattle got Britt's Pickles added to the Pike Place Market. Meanwhile, Grillo's continued its quest for world domination by taking a three-month-long pop-up shop residency in Boston

No pickle discussion can really begin without picklebacks, the bar sensation that's brought delight to many (and disgust to a few). Take some whiskey, chase it with pickle brine, and you have a pickleback. The "picklejuice orb" above is from Brooklyn's Do or Dine, but you can get these shots in plenty of NYC spots, as well as Bavette's in Chicago

Pickle and peanut butter sandwiches are also apparently a thing people eat, at least on Imgur

Pickles have been very good to the novelty product market. If you aren't a fan of whiskey but want to incorporate pickles into your drinking experience, there's Chilled Dills vodka. If you're looking to brine up your holidays, there's pickle-flavored candy canes. For your snacking needs, there's pickle-flavored sunflower seeds, and for a summer treat, yes, those are pickle popsicles

Even the big-name brands have gotten into pickle products. No guarantees this will be at your local deli, but if you can track these down dill-flavored Lays potato chips, you won't have to nag the counter guy for a Vlastic on the side

The New Amsterdam Market plays host to a festival celebrating pickles, now two years running. Pickle-savvy peeps from all over come together to see demos, talk shop, and even compete for briny cucumber glory

Of course, the interwebs are also a fan of pickles. For proof, look no further than this dog totally owning his Halloween costume

But whatever you do, don't piss off angry pickle

All that said, you know you've truly made it as a food favorite when you've replaced mechanical bulls. Well done, pickles. You're even worth busting a vein over those insanely tight lids.