This 230lb peanut butter cup is the most important thing you'll see all day

Village Chocolate Shoppe giant peanut butter cup
Village Chocolate Shoppe
Village Chocolate Shoppe

You know that awesome Reese's king cup that makes you feel like a feudal peanut butter lord with many, many chocolate-reaping serfs? That sucker just got taken down about 100 pegs. Vermont candy hero Nick Monte is on a mission to claim the world's largest peanut butter cup record, and has created a glorious 230lb monolith of sugary greatness in the process

Monte (of The Village Chocolate Shoppe) began his quest last week by making a custom mold for this 59.5in beauty. Then, on Friday, he started the delicate process of pouring, painting, and patting down pitchers of chocolate -- all carefully weighed by town officials -- and heaps of peanut butter cream. The result was this life-affirming monster, which a bunch of lucky sonsofbitches in Bennington got to sample. After all the paperwork for Guinness was completed, Monte sold off pieces to benefit the Project Against Violent Encounters (PAVE), raising about $1300 in one night

We don't know for sure if this thing is officially the world's greatest yet, but in the meantime, Reese's: ball's in your court

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