Game Day Meal Ideas for Every Type of Sports Fan

Photo: Campbell's; Illustration: Marissa Dickson/Thrillist

When it comes to watching sports, what’s on the menu is as important as who you’re cheering for. Especially now, when we’ve traded stadium days for watching at home on TV with our quaranteam, serving the right game day eats can make the experience feel more like a full-blown event. In that spirit, we rounded up some of the best game day recipes from Campbell’s® we could find for whatever sporting event you’re rooting on. 


Chicken Taco Casserole 

We’re not exactly sure why stadium seating immediately makes us crave melted cheese, but we know that spicy, crispy nachos are one of the things we miss most about basketball games IRL. This recipe satisfies that craving though, whether you’re watching the college games or the pros. With black beans, cilantro, shredded chicken, Campbell’s® Cream of Chicken Soup and (of course) plenty of cheese, this creamy casserole is essentially dinner-appropriate nachos — all you need to complete it is an ice cold beer. 


Buffalo Chicken Dip 

Last year, the National Chicken Council projected that 1.4 billion chicken wings would be eaten over the weekend of the Big Game. Be it because of their popularity at sports bars or their spicy, snackable nature, Buffalo wings and football just go together. To cut down on all the napkins, though, we suggest serving up buffalo wing flavor in dip form, which is especially easy to do with Frank’s® RedHot® and cans of Swanson® Premium White Chunk Chicken Breast. It’s just as finger-licking tasty, sans actually licking your fingers. 

Photo: Campbell's; Illustration: Marissa Dickson/Thrillist


Tamale Pie

Even if you’re cozy at home, there’s something about watching hockey players take to the ice that leaves you crave something warm and comforting. This tamale pie will hit the spot, thanks to its spicy, chili-style filling. Made with Campbell’s® Tomato Soup and topped with a cheesy, corn muffin crust, this Southwest-style dish is nearly as satisfying as watching the ice get cleaned. 

English Soccer

Shepherd’s Pie

Two things are far underappreciated in the United States: soccer and meat pies. Not surprisingly, these two items are absolutely beloved in England, where you can find a myriad of meat pie varieties everywhere from bakeries to pubs and home kitchens. Tackling a meat pie on game day can feel daunting, but this shepherd’s pie recipe gets the job done without having to make a finicky pastry crust. Instead, the filling (made with Campbell’s® Cream of Mushroom Soup, ground beef, and frozen veggies) is covered with quick cooking instant mashed potatoes, creating a dish you’ll want to dig into long past the second half.

Photo: Campbell's; Illustration: Marissa Dickson/Thrillist

Auto Racing

Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwiches 

Auto racing, especially stock car racing, is as prominent in the South as barbecue, so why not celebrate both traditions at once? While pitmasters may spend sleepless nights tending to their slow roasted pork shoulder, this slow cooker recipe featuring Campbell’s® French Onion Soup makes it easy to tackle classic barbecue pulled pork at home. The sweet, tangy sauce comes together in a one-pot meal, perfect for layering onto buns whenever there’s a break in the action. 


Beer and Kraut Brats 

While it will be a few months before any pro tennis tournaments take the court on this side of the world, hard core fans know the competition season is currently underway in Australia. If you were to attend a live sporting event Down Under, you’d likely find “barbecue snags” —  a thick beef or pork sausage grilled up with caramelized onions. While true Aussie snags are difficult to track down stateside, bratwursts are a good substitute and this recipe made with Campbell’s® French Onion Soup will warm you up ’til it’s time to get on the court this spring.


Roast Beef Sandwiches with Melted Provolone

It goes without saying that in the US at least, golf takes the cake for refinement in the sports world. However, a golf match still counts as game day when you’re watching on TV, so you’re not exactly going to break out the nice plates for it. Enter this recipe for roast beef sandwiches, which feels straight out of the country club thanks to melted provolone and a decadent “au jus” made from Campbell’s® French Onion Soup and Worcestershire sauce.

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