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The Pizza Button is a reality, and it lets you order pizza by, well, pushing a button

Published On 11/11/2013 Published On 11/11/2013

Sorry, buttons that do things like control nuclear missiles and Desmond Hume's life: the pizza button is here, and it's about to make all of you totally obsolete. D.C.'s iStrategyLabs are the smart people who want to make all your doughy dreams come true. Their in-the-works PiePal (which is only slightly less useful than this sausage gun) would bring a Domino’s pie (or five) straight to your door with the push of its button. It almost seems like too much power for one pizza-crazed individual to hold.

iStrategy Labs

Here's how it works: literally dial in your desired number of pizzas then press a giant LED-lit button in the middle, and within 30 minutes you’ll have your cheese-covered circles of joy without ever having to tire your pizza-holding hands out by dialing a phone.

Before they release the PiePal, iStrategy is inviting YOU to be a beta taster by signing up right here. So, do that.



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