TAKE5 Built a Cardboard Musical Instrument to Play While You're Snacking

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Courtesy of TAKE5

Not content with satisfying your hunger, the folks behind Nick Kroll’s favorite candy bar have created something to satiate your creativity while you chew on its many layers (pretzel, peanut butter, peanut, caramel and chocolate). The TAKE5 REMIXER -- which they’re giving away via Twitter over the next few days -- looks like oversized cardboard packaging with a mixing board theme.

But on the underside of the cardboard they’ve inserted capacitive touch sensors powered by conductive ink, and a printed circuit board enabled with speaker and battery pack, creating five functional rows of controls with three beats apiece, capable of producing 30,000 combinations. Basically, tapping on cardboard could turn you into the next hip hop impresario -- or at least make you the most popular person at the party (sorry, person who thought their fire Party Mix III would make them the hero).

To get a REMIXER, keep a look out for their @TAKE5 tweets for your chance to win and RT using #RemixerSweepstakes to drop a beat on the box from now through 9/23. (Full rules here.) Suggested first album: “Eats & Beats,” led off by the hit single “Ain’t Peanuthing Like The Real Thing.”