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A visual guide to Ben & Jerry's best ice cream flavors

Published On 09/18/2013 Published On 09/18/2013
Guide to Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors

Ben & Jerry aren't just two Vermonters you see telling people to stop hating on "Bouncin' Around the Room" at Phish shows, because everyone gets to choose what they like for themselves; they also make ice cream. And different people have different favorites in that area as well, yet might not even know the specific details of what's involved in their What a Cluster. So we mapped some of the most popular flavors, from ice cream base, to main ingredients (fudge, marshmallows, nuts, etc.), through to the all-important "Don't Forget The... " add-ons. Click the below image to get a huge version, and enjoy the journey as much as the From Russia With Buzz.



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