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Adam Richman Reveals 5 Secret Restaurants You Never Knew Existed

Published On 10/20/2016 Published On 10/20/2016
Mare restaurant
Wonho Frank Lee/Courtesy of Mare

The Great Escape


How to get there: Go to The Projector movie theater, walk to the bathrooms, and find the door to enter the car park.
What to eat: Salted egg French fries and roasted duck salad
Adam says: "It's a bar and gastropub in the back of a parking deck in the middle of Singapore's Thai neighborhood. Two entrepreneurial guys bought parking spots that were covered by the level above them, and worked out a deal with the kitchen of a nearby movie theater to supply the food. You can sit in this hidden, covered oasis in the back of a parking lot with an amazing view of the Singapore marina, and eat great food. If you go to a movie at The Projector, you can park directly next to the pub."

Bogie's Place at jm Curley

Boston, Massachusetts

How to get there: Walk through the burgundy curtain in the back of jm Curley and look for the "Adults Only" plaque.
What to eat: Rib-eye with bone marrow and foie gras butter
Adam says: "It's inside the popular hamburger spot jm Curley -- most people think the entrance to Bogie's is going to lead you to a private room or the kitchen. Find the plaque in the hallway that says 'Adults Only,' and you'll find a bar with about 14 seats. The steaks there are top-quality. Everyone in the front bar is eating burgers; I interviewed people there and asked them where I could get a good steak -- no one knew there was a steakhouse back there."

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

London, England

How to get there: Submit your case online, then show up and ring the doorbell at the agency.
What to eat: Truffle bacon mac & cheese
Adam says: "There's a place in the Earl's Court neighborhood -- it's on the west side, and it's not near the London Eye or the touristy stuff people go to. There's a random door that says 'Evans & Peel Detective Agency.' You have to call in advance (or go online) and play along with them. When they ask if you have a case to be solved, you must create a case. Then show up and ring the bell. They'll ask if you have an appointment, and then buzz you in. You go to the bottom of the staircase and there's a random guy sitting there in a detective's office. There's no indication there's a restaurant at all. He interviews you about the case for a while, and then when you've answered the questions to his satisfaction, he pulls a lever hidden inside the bookcase and the entire bookcase opens to reveal a sick gastropub.

"They've got cocktails and typical gastropub food, but the truffle bacon mac & cheese you should order is off-menu. They have mac & cheese, but not that kind. It's the cachet of having a secret dish in a secret place. You smell it before you see it, and it's such a little place. It turns heads."

La Gruta

Teotihuacán, Mexico

How to get there: Behind the Pyramid of the Sun, 650ft from door #5 of the archaeological site
What to eat: Any dish that features homemade tortillas
Adam says: "Teotihuacán is a 45-minute drive outside of Mexico City. And in the shadow of the Pyramid of the Sun, which is the third-largest pyramid on Earth, there's a restaurant called La Gruta. It's in a cave that's about three stories below ground. It was once used to stash gold for the ancient Mayans, and then-President Madero and General Diaz used to have banquets surrounded by the gold to show status. Now that same cave is a restaurant serving up amazing, authentic Mexican cuisine. They do phenomenal barbacoa. The tortillas are the best I've had in my life -- they're crispy, chewy, and they make them fresh in front of you. And phenomenal guacamole."


Los Angeles, California

How to get there: Walk through Greenspan's Grilled Cheese, go up a set of stairs, walk into an office, and enter through the fridge door with the sailboat on the left.
What to eat: Whole branzino with fig pomegranate glaze
Adam says: "It's a Mediterranean restaurant that has a great, classic approach to Mediterranean food and some really novel ones. In particular, the whole roasted fish and his version of Mediterranean ramen are fantastic."