Whiskey-Flavored Pocky Is Coming Soon. Here's Where to Find it.

Anyone who’s snapped into a Pocky stick can attest to their awesomeness. They’re salty, they’re sweet, they’re easy to share, they pair exceptionally well with that lackluster office coffee, and they’re damn adorable to boot. And now, there’s an all-grown-up Pocky meant to be enjoyed alongside everyone’s favorite after-work beverage -- whiskey.

Yes, it’s finally Suntory time for your go-to chocolate-covered pretzel stick (well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Suntory, unless you’re Bill Murray -- then it has to be Suntory). Pocky maker Glico has just debuted Adult Amber -- that’s “Otona no Kohaku” in Japanese, not some underhanded Amber Rose nod -- a shiny new product set to disrupt the cookie world like never before. The sophisticated sticks begin as dough, spiked with a malt extract made to approximate the fermented mash used in distilling. It’s then dusted with a fine layer of salt and shipped on to the choco-dip station, where it receives a delicious, whiskey-scented semisweet chocolate cap -- there’s nothing too sweet about this refined little fellow.

Courtesy of pocky.com

Adult Amber launches on October 25th and Gilco’s only putting out 300,000 boxes total, so you better get your butt over to Amazon (the only retailer set to carry these suckers) and pick up your $9.70 sixer. The best part (besides the fact that you’re about to be eating cookies with your bourbon)? They come in a hilariously fancy box inspired by high-end liquor packaging. Actual booze sold separately.

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