American hero puts every McDonald's sandwich on the McEverything

You never know when you'll be called to greatness. For Dude Foods' Nick Chipman, it happened just the other day in a McDonald's in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, where he assembled a monstrous beauty dubbed the McEverything. It's a staggering combination of every single sandwich on Mickey D's menu, and it may bring a tear to your eye.

Dude Foods
After dropping $140.33 on the food (plus an extra dollar for a Diet Coke...LIKE A BOSS), Chipman began to arrange his 43 sammies. The McEverything ended up being significantly taller than he anticipated, but he was able to keep the creation together through some strategically placed bamboo skewers. He now looks forward to consuming days' worth of McDonald's breakfast and lunch leftovers, while we look forward to buying this man a beer.

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