Anthony Bourdain Reveals His Secret for Losing 35 Pounds

Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Anthony Bourdain makes his living being filmed while eating (OK, fine, there's more to it than that). But despite the constant mastication-documentation, we still have a lot to learn about his eating habits.

According to a recent profile in The New Yorker, one of the trappings of being a globe-trotting-chef-turned-author-turned-television host, is constantly being offered copious amounts of food wherever he goes. 

"Bourdain calls this getting 'food fucked," writer Patrick Radden Keefe reported. 

But the piece goes on to detail Bourdain making a conscious effort to reduce the gorging on pro bono offerings, and food in general. Not only has he taken up daily jiu-jitsu training, he tends to "graze" more often than not. And while he is frequently inebriated on television, he tends not to over-imbibe alcohol when the cameras are off. 

"A big bowl of pasta is hard to enjoy if you know it will render you sluggish the next morning, when a crazy-eyed mixed martial artist is trying to ease you into a choke hold," the piece said. 

And his new approach to eating has paid off, as the recent cookbook author has lost 35lb over the past three years, since he started jiu-jitsu.

The man obviously still has a soft spot (though not a literal one) for food. Especially for Korean BBQ:

"He adores the food at Baekjeong, and was ready to indulge himself. After Hong arranged silky thin slivers of marinated beef tongue on a circular grill that was embedded in the table between us, Bourdain waited until they had just browned, then reached for one with chopsticks and encouraged me to do the same. We savored the rich, woodsy taste of the meat. Then Bourdain poured two shots of soju, the Korean rice liquor, and said, 'That is good, huh?'"

To be fair, if we were to get "food fucked" with anyone, Bourdain would be high on the list. 

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