Watch Anthony Bourdain Eat "Delicious Food and Get Hammered" in South Korea

Published On 04/15/2015 Published On 04/15/2015

In just under two weeks, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown makes its triumphant return to television. To tide you over until then, CNN has generously released a few previews from the season premiere, set in South Korea. The most recent one shows Bourdain sitting down for some barbecue with a bunch of strangers, but the real gem came out last weekend (props to Eater for picking this up). In it, we see Tony pound shots, slurp noodles, and crack a beer in what appears to be a private karaoke room. Does he go with Bonnie Tyler? Or maybe the Iggy Pop song scoring the whole promo? Allow your imagination to run wild until 9pm on April 26th, when the episode airs.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is already really invested in the karaoke portion of Bourdain's evening. Follow her to 4 Non Blondes solos at @kristin_hunt.



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