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Watch Anthony Bourdain Destroy a Heckler Who Accused Him of Eating Dogs

Published On 11/21/2016 Published On 11/21/2016

Anthony Bourdain is never one to mince words. So when a heckler, um, heckled him at War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco -- just one stop on his nationwide "The Hunger" tour -- he didn't let it blow over easily.

The stage-crasher in question interrupted the host's show to accuse him of regularly eating -- and enjoying -- dog meat. Amid a chorus of boos, Bourdain let loose. Here are three samples lines of Tony retort, caught by celeb-hound TMZ:

"I like dogs. But how much worse can they be than, like, kale?"

"Twenty more seconds of this I'm going out and shooting a puppy in the fucking head."

"Would you be kind enough now to fuck off?"

Aside from the quips, Bourdain listened to the potential-crazy patiently for about a minute, and allowed the crowd to drown her out and shame her into easing up before she was escorted off the premises. The next day, TMZ caught up with the globe-trotting chef for some post-game insight.


Bourdain called the woman who interrupted him -- mid-dick joke, no less -- a "very nice but rather strident advocate for human rights," and again refuted eating dog. 

He also confirmed he in fact does "like dogs." And he means live dogs. As pets. So, at least we know that now.

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