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What Are the Most Common Acquired Tastes?


"It’s an acquired taste" is really just a polite way of saying "I know I’m supposed to like this, but quite frankly, it tastes like death." But certain things, like bourbon, or bleu cheese, or Joe’s new haircut, really do take some getting used to before you can fully appreciate them (save for Joe’s hair, that’s always going to look like sh*t).

The phrase is most commonly attached to food or drinks with pungent flavors, but there are plenty of unusual (or, arguably, not so unusual) tastes that take some getting used to. A recent post on Reddit asked users what they think are acquired tastes, and we've collected the best answers below. Let us know in the comments what took you some time to enjoy!

1. Beer

2. Scotch

3. Sashimi

4. Bleu cheese

5. Kimchi

6. Dark chocolate

7. Guinness

8. Coffee

9. Bourbon

10. Durian