Attention guac lovers: an avocado shortage is imminent

Sara Norris

Hey you, with the fresh bag of tortilla chips! Listen up, 'cause this definitely concerns you: due to a series of unfortunate international events, an avocado crisis is set to hit in the coming months. You can expect higher prices, less availability, and general impediments to your daily guacamole supply. Hopefully you have a nearby pillow to wail into, because we can assure you this is not a hoax.

As Mic tells it, the avocado problem has at least three tiers. The one you might've seen coming is the still-ongoing California drought. That natural disaster is especially bad news for avocados, which require an insane amount of water. Think 74gal for a single pound insane. And since California is responsible for 95% of the avocados grown in the US, any dip in output is going to hit the nation hard. Don't get optimistic about next year either, because climate change research indicates rising temps could cause production to drop as much as 40% over the next 30 years. Awesome.

The logical move would be to look beyond American borders for supplies, but here's issue #2: Mexican drug cartels are giving local avocado farmers a seriously hard time. Just as they did with limes earlier this year, those goons have been threatening and extorting farmers because they know how profitable avocados are, and want a piece of the action. Which brings us to the final problem. Avocados have gotten really popular, really fast. And seeing as there's already a strain on supply, the crazy demand isn't helping matters.

So enjoy that moderately-priced, accessible guac while you can, people. Soon, you might have to rely solely on salsa for your chip-dipping needs.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and might never recover from this news. Follow her to the secret, underground avocado vault at @kristin_hunt.