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Panic: the cost of bacon just hit an all-time high

We've weathered some pretty devastating price increases before, like Chipotle's surprise menu-wide bump. But nothing could've prepared us for this: according to intel outta the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of a pound of bacon went up another $.06 in June, putting it at an average record high of $6.11. Hope you weren't attached to your wallet's current weight, 'cause it's about to get a whole lot lighter... SIX CENTS LIGHTER!!!

If you look at the cost of bacon over the past three decades, it's a pretty consistent climb. Things get really terrifying, though, when you adjust the numbers for inflation. Even then, bacon has grown more expensive over the past year than it's been since the early '80s, when there was a similar bacon boom. Only this one is 21% higher than the all-time '80s peak.

Apparently, there are more factors at work here than mere bacon lust. A really gross pig virus has been offing the animals en masse since last May, plus widespread drought has jacked feed prices to new heights. So until the barnyard CDC and Mother Nature sort this one out, we're stuck with the ever-increasing prices. But hey, at least you're not in Northern Canada.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is still retching over that pig disease. Follow her to barf bags at @kristin_hunt.