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Bacon now exists in sprinkle form

You can already ingest it as a burger, a taco, and a cannoli, but now there's another wonderful way to consume bacon: sprinkles. An inventor from the Netherlands has improved upon his people's favorite chocolate sprinkles, Hagelslag, by making a bacon version to throw on top of toast, ice cream, or just a big-ass spoon. The dried bacon doesn't need to be refrigerated, and even has a shelf life of six months, not that it'll take you that long to burn through it. There're still six days left on this already-funded Kickstarter project if you wanna make a donation and be among the first to get some; just have your calculator ready for the euro conversion rate.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks the Dutch people really deserve more due for their food. Follow her to poffertjes at @kristin_hunt.