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Rejoice: these delicious bagels are actually delicious cupcakes!

Published On 10/30/2014 Published On 10/30/2014

No matter how much you love bagels -- and around here, we love them a lot -- there's a dark truth you must concede: they are not made out of cake & frosting. But no longer must we suffer, because today, the deviant baker behind Reality Bites Cupcakes has righted that horrid culinary wrong. Behold: bagel cupcakes.

Dave Infante

At first glance, these magnificent hybrids seem all-bagel, with a golden-brown surface sprinkled with poppy seeds and bisected by the white schmear. But look closer!

Dave Infante

See? That's not a bagel with cream cheese... it's fluffy cake covered with vanilla frosting. My God.

You're probably thinking to yourself: self, if I had a bagel cupcake, I'd skip the spread and go straight for a breakfast sandwich. Oh, worry not, kids...

Reality Bites Cupcakes

... because Reality Bites can make your bacon/egg/cheese dreams come true...

Reality Bites Cupcakes

... or hold the "meat" if you're trying to lose weight. (Though if that's the case, you probably shouldn't eat these at all, because again: they're cupcakes.)

Dave Infante

The upstart baker is inventing new cupcake-food doppelgangers by the day (wait 'til you see the Shake Shack cupcakes), and takes custom orders for delivery. Make your crossover junk-food dreams a reality and order up right here.

Dave Infante is a senior writer for Thrillist Food & Drink. His girlfriend is furious he didn't get her one of these for her birthday, and every other day. Follow @dinfontay on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.



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