Behind Red, White & Food

Red White & Food

Curious how we came to our decisions for this map? These notes should help

Alabama: The first Checkers opened in Mobile in 1986

Alaska: The Great Alaskan Pizza Company has 11 locations and a bear logo. Enough said

Arizona: Cold Stone Creamery started in Tempe and is headquartered in Scottsdale. And it’s hot there. They need ice cream

Arkansas: Slim Chickens was founded in 2003 in Fayetteville and has grown to 10 locations

California: The Cali competition was tough (hello, Taco Bell), but few chains are more synonymous with a state than In-N-Out is with Cali

Colorado: Apologies to Quiznos, but Denver-founded Chipotle has you beat

Connecticut: Subway was founded in Bridgeport and headquartered in Milford

Delaware: Wings To Go started on the Dover Air Force base before expanding to more than 80 nationwide locations

Florida: Apologies to Hooters and Red Lobster, but Jacksonville-based Burger King reigns

Georgia: Another tough state, but in the end Chick-fil-A edged out late-night staple Waffle House

Hawaii: Zippy’s, the 24hr mix of Hawaiian, Asian, and mainland American eats, is everywhere on Oahu

Idaho: Yes, there’s a slightly more famous coffee chain in neighboring Washington, but Boise-based Moxie Java is moving up, with 26 locations in six states

Illinois: Technically the first-ever McDonald’s was in Cali, but Ray Kroc made it what it is today, and the mega-chain remains based just outside Chicago

Indiana: Steak ‘n Shake actually started in neighboring Illinois, but is now headquartered in Indianapolis

Iowa: Maid-Rite boasts more than 70 locations for loose meat sandwiches after starting in Iowa in 1926

Kansas: White Castle actually started in Wichita, but Kansas no longer has any. No worries, though, because Pizza Hut also started there

Kentucky: KFC requires no explanation

Lousiana: Popeye’s shouldn’t require much either

Maine: Just mention Gifford’s ice cream to a Mainer and see what happens

Maryland: Jerry’s Subs & Pizza was founded and remains based in Maryland, with more than 140 locations

Massachusetts: Go to Mass sometime and try not to end up in a Dunkin’ Donuts at some point

Michigan: Domino’s Pizza started in Ypsilanti and it headquartered in Ann Arbor

Minnesota: The first Dairy Queen opened in Illinois, but it’s now based in Minneapolis

Mississippi: Founded in 1983, Bumpers Drive-In now has 26 locations -- all in Mississippi

Missouri: Did you know Panera Bread started out as The St. Louis Bread Co.

Montana: Okay, so Ted’s Montana Grill was neither founded nor is headquartered in Montana. But it’s in the name, there’s a picture of a buffalo, and they finally opened one there

Nebraska: Herman Cain’s former employer, Godfather’s Pizza, was founded and remains based in Omaha

Nevada: You can drink AND gamble at PT’s Pub locations dotting the Vegas area

New Hampshire: Moe’s Italian Sandwiches’ 13 locations are all in the Granite State

New Jersey: Blimpie got its start in Hoboken in 1964

New Mexico: Blake’s Lotaburger started and remains headquartered in Albuquerque, having grown to 76 locations since 1953

New York: Sbarro started in Brooklyn and remains NY-based to this day

North Carolina: Bojangles started slinging chicken ‘n biscuits in 1977 in Charlotte, where it maintains its headquarters today

North Dakota: Space Aliens Grill & Bar only has four locations, but... well, it’s North Dakota

Ohio: Wendy’s got her start in Columbus, and she’s still based there

Oklahoma: The name Sonic first appeared on a group of Oklahoma drive-ins in 1959, and the company maintains a headquarters in OKC

Oregon: The origins of Papa Murphy’s are split between Oregon and Cali, but its very beginnings came with Papa Aldo’s of Hillsboro

Pennsylvania: Auntie Anne’s path to being a global pretzel powerhouse started as a farmer’s market stand in Downington, and it remains based in Lancaster

Rhode Island: The hardest spot to make out on the map is Del’s Frozen Lemonade, which now reaches 36 states, but started in Cranston

South Carolina: Denny’s has its origins in Cali, but it’s now based in Spartanburg

South Dakota: The Millstone is a family restaurant with three South Dakota locations. Come on, Dakotas

Tennessee: Krystal has been headquartered in Chattanooga since starting there in 1932

Texas: Lone Star competition was stiff, but there was no denying Corpus Christi-founded Whataburger

Utah: Prevalent throughout the West, Arctic Circle started in Salt Lake City in 1950 and remains Utah-based

Vermont: Ben & Jerry’s didn’t have much competition here

Virginia: Five Guys has grown like crazy since starting in Arlington County in 1986

Washington: If you’re ever there, you should check out this quaint coffee joint, Starbucks

West Virginia: Gino’s Pizza & Spaghetti is everywhere here, with 40 locations

Wisconsin: Of course Culver’s, a chain known for butterburgers and frozen custard, would call Wisconsin home

Wyoming: There are more than 400 Taco John’s locations; it started in Cheyenne in 1969.