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Ben & Jerry's Newest Flavor Is Chocolate Cherry Garcia

Published On 11/21/2016 Published On 11/21/2016
Chocolate Cherry Garcia
Ben and Jerrys/Youtube

I love Ben & Jerry's. Like, really love it. If I could feasibly construct a home made out of Ben & Jerry's pints -- à la a fairytale witch trying to tempt wayward children -- and live out my days exclusively eating the walls of my ice cream house, I would totally do it with minimal regret.

This feeling was only reinforced by the news that Cherry Garcia (the Grateful Dead-themed flavor that has become one of B&J's flagships) was being flipped on its proverbial head. Enter Chocolate Cherry Garcia.

The new flavor, according to Ben & Jerry's website, is exactly like Cherry Garcia: cherry ice cream, chunks of chocolate, thick blocks of frozen cherry -- except the cherry ice cream is flipped with its classic chocolate. Obviously, this sounds like a bona fide taste-gasm. 

While the limited-batch flavor -- currently available in Scoop Shops, to be rolled out in pints imminently -- is intriguing and almost definitely delicious, I feel like this might be messing with an infallible classic. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate and cherry chunks? You lose almost all the cherry! And frankly, we all know that half of us don't even eat the cherry chunks in the first place. So can you really call the flavor Cherry Garcia?

Ben and Jerry's/Youtube

Look, I applaud B&J's for its constant ingenuity, and its willingness to surprise fans. But maybe it should have just called this something else. 

Still, it does look pretty fucking good. 

Maybe buy both versions? It's a protest that makes everyone a winner. Especially you. 

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