Stock Up on These Boozy Popsicles for Your Cooler This Summer

Because sometimes you want a little buzz to your ice pop.

When you need something that’s equal parts frozen dessert and buzz-inducing treat, boozy ice pops seem like the obvious two-in-one answer. Boozy popsicles have become the best way to cool down during a summer party. You can get all do-it-yourself crafty and make your own, like a refreshing cucumber margarita or, sure, one studded with gummy bears. But the simple task of sticking some spiked pops in the freezer is mighty appealing. Prep for the next pool party or just the next heat wave. It’s officially grown-up, booze-infused ice pop season.

Essentially frozen versions of “lowtails” (low-ABV cocktails, in case you're not currently sitting at a trendy cocktail bar), FrutaPOPs emphasize organic ingredients—including no added sugar—in this craft version of the pop-tail. Flavors are wide-ranging, from Sangria to Moscow Mule to on-trend stuff like coconut frosé. Like Pokémon, you got to catch them all—online.

Slim Chillers may sound like the name of a ’90s hip-hop artist or a ’70s TV sidekick, but in the year of our lord 2018, these boozy pops became a phenomenon thanks to their dominance at Costco. Finally, parents have an alternative to just mixing a half-gallon of Kirkland vodka in a bucket with a 1,000-pack of Strawberry Short Kook Otter Pops. Even better, these suckers clock in at 8% ABV and a scant 100 calories. They come in flavors like Watermelon Lemonade, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, and other classic concoctions one might find at Applebee’s. For the frosé-all-day acolytes there’s Skinny Freezers, a line of frozen wine pops, in case you want to keep it a little classier, but only slightly. 

Fishers Island Lemonade frozen alcoholic pops.
Courtesy of Fishers Island Lemonade

From the folks who brought you refreshing Fishers Island Lemonade come boozy pops made with the same spiked lemonade recipe you might know and you definitely love. The treats are now conveniently sealed into Flavor-Ice style packaging. Flavors include original, as well as barrel-aged whiskey and honey flavors. Each one contains 7% ABV, so think of it like your favorite IPA or strong hard seltzer. 

Claffey’s checks off a bunch of key boxes for its squeezable freezer pops, which come in flavors like Punk Lemonade, Grab Apple, Ice Blue (shout out to vague blue berry flavors everywhere) and Cherry Lips, and Modern Mango (you don’t want antique mangoes, after all). They’re made with cane sugar, and pack 90 calories into a 6%-alcohol treat. They’re kosher certified, too. Most importantly, they’re delicious. Find them at Walmart, World Market, and wherever else Claffey’s are sold.

With four variety packs that come categorized by liquor (whiskey, vodka, agave, rum), Sliq has a set for every palate. Rum lovers might go with the set including pineapple, strawberry, or coconut-lime daiquiris, or for those who like their whiskey on the rocks—slushied rocks, that is—there are highball-inspired flavors like apple, ginger, and cola. Sliq currently ships to 25 states, but if yours isn’t one just peep the store locator page on its website. The company has even teamed up with recycling organization Terracycle to divert those plastic pop sleeves from the landfill. See? Slurping up slushy pops for adults doesn’t have to destroy the earth.

Pudding shots, especially the frozen kind, are an unsung hero of the novelty booze world. And while these delicious, low-impact sugar bombs are technically not shots, you can always opt to buy the mini versions in iterations such as Choco Caramel Whiskey and Rum N Cookie. Order them online as minis or in little reusable jars.

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