Food & Drink Aldi Advent Calendars Worth Gifting This Year

Get both the cheese and wine calendar for easy pairing.

aldi advent calendar
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I’m not sure why we don’t have advent calendars year round. The joy of tearing into a cardboard fortress that contains a piece of treasure—whether it’s chocolate, a cube of cheese, or a mini bottle of wine—is intoxicating. Sometimes literally. We should have advent calendars for every month of the year.

German-born grocery chain Aldi could feasibly make that happen. Expanding on the popularity of its wine calendar, Aldi’s dropping a whopping 20 advent calendars this winter, ranging from expected (beer, wine) to of-the-times (hard seltzer) to slightly puzzling (cat food?). If you’re a savvy shopper at Aldi, you know there are treasures if you know which calendar to pick. And if you aren’t, you’re in luck: these are the food and drink calendars you should be gifting (or keeping for yourself) this year.

Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar

Price: $14.99
Available: November 4
The cheese at Aldi is good. It’s salty and creamy and comes in unique renditions, like olive-studded Mediterranean gouda and cheddar filled with onions and chives. What’s better is that you can get these delectable cheeses in vacuum-sealed, pre-portioned cubes thanks to the return of Aldi’s cheesy advent calendar. The most challenging feat will be not consuming them all in a single go. 

Beer Advent Calendar

Price: $49.99
Available: November 4
Germans take their ales very, very seriously, so it’s not too surprising that Aldi’s beers are on point. They range from a traditional Pilsner made by a brewery with 600 years of pedigree to Belgian whites, American IPAs, and Irish stouts. This variety pack gives you a little of everything, offering up a globe-spanning, cicerone-approved (well, mostly) taste of Aldi’s sneakily solid beer shelf. 

The 2020 Collection Wine Advent Calendar

Price: $69.99
Available: November 4
Before I get started on the actual wine, I have to note that the packaging for this advent calendar is adorable. The cardboard tree set-up, with ornament holes that hide the wines inside, could pretty much be a centerpiece; it's so cute. Aside from the presentation, there are 24 wines inside, including riesling, chardonnay, pinot noir, and more. Some are great. But even the duds are good for cooking. 

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Price: $34.99
Available: November 4
The hard seltzer craze has yet to die down, so of course Aldi’s gotten in on the boozy LaCroix action. The Vista Bay advent calendar—available for the first time this year—includes 24 cans in total, with classic flavors like black cherry and grapefruit alongside and unique options like Mandarin lime and tangy lemon and peach. 

Nutcracker 24 Days of Christmas

Price: $7.99
Available: November 4
Here’s a classic advent calendar, one filled with chocolates and truffles in a box inspired by the Nutcracker. It’s festive, it’s cute, it’s sweet, and it will hopefully get you through most of December with a daily treat. Find enticing holiday-inspired flavors like baked apple and cappuccino behind each tiny door. Chocolate melting on your tongue sure beats snow.

O’Donnells 12 Days of Irish Country Cream Calendar

Price: $29.99
Available: November 25
Irish cream is a boozy holiday favorite hiding in coffee cups at all hours, and has become more popularized in recent years (Starbucks even had an Irish cream cold brew last year). Either way, you can get your Irish cream fix with this calendar, which has 12 mini 100ml bottles with flavors ranging from tiramisu to mint chocolate to white chocolate. 

Sparkling Countdown to the New Year

Price: $24.99
Available: December 2
Let’s not mince words: 2020 has been a trash fire bigger than any of us could have predicted. Countdown to 2021 with seven bottles of bubbly—from sparkling rosé to brut—and kiss this sorry ass year goodbye. In fact, maybe order one of these for every day in December. 

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