Festive Holiday Baking Kits You’ll Want to Gift (or Save All for Yourself)

Kits for buttermilk pancakes, gingerbread people, yule logs, sugar cookies, and more.

kitsby holiday baking set cookies kit
Kitsby offers earl grey mini cakes and snickerdoodle s'mores kits for holiday baking. | Photo courtesy of Kitsby
Kitsby offers earl grey mini cakes and snickerdoodle s'mores kits for holiday baking. | Photo courtesy of Kitsby

Grocery shopping during the holidays can be nightmarish. No one wants to elbow their way to a small bottle of vanilla extract, or have to return to the store to pick through sprinkles and muffin tins.

Instead, opt for baking kits, which contain everything you need for holiday baking at home—no frantic grocery shopping required Many kits come pre-portioned, so you won’t be stuck with a full jar of nutmeg or excess coconut shavings that might otherwise sit idly in your pantry all year.

Additionally, baking kits are innovative, with unique flavors and impressive bakes you might not otherwise attempt. We’re talking brownstone gingerbread homes, tea-flavored mini cakes, yule logs, and more. Here are some of our favorite baking kits to gift—or give yourself—this holiday baking season.

Price: $29.95-$64.99
Specifically geared towards baking with kids, Baketivity makes crafting holiday treats simple with kits for gingerbread homes and people, caramel snickerdoodle cookies, and brownie peppermint trifles. If you want something on the savory side, there is an option for soft pretzels. For those with gluten intolerance, Baketivity also carries a range of gluten-free kits, ensuring no cross-contamination in the kitchen.

BāKIT Box baking kit holiday
Ingredients arrive already measured it BāKIT Box's kits. | Photo courtesy of BāKIT Box

Price: $27.99-$35
The mission of BāKIT Box is to “connect the world through culturally appreciative recipes” and they do just that with their wide variety of baking kits. You can opt for holiday classics, like yule logs and gingersnaps, but you can also select from pistachio-topped Persian love cakes, chocolate babkas, and fry bread. The brand also offers a subscription option, so if you can’t decide which bake you want to tackle you can attempt a new one every month.

Price: $6.99-$14.99
In partnership with Target, Black Paper Party—a Black woman-owned business specializing in inclusive gifting products—has released a line of baking kits that showcase and celebrate the diversity of the African diaspora. Choose from a holiday brownstone cookie kit that represents a different take on gingerbread homes, a cookies-for-Santa kit, and a gingerbread person decoration set. These can be purchased online or at select Target retailers through the holiday season.

supernatural baking kit
Supernatural partnered with baking experts at King Arthur Baking for their holiday kits. | Photo courtesy of Supernatural

Price: $39-$49
It comes as no surprise that the sprinkles brand that relies solely on natural, plant-based ingredients to color their thematic nonpareils has devised fun baking kits this holiday season. Supernatural has partnered up with baking experts from King Arthur Baking for its kits. Choose from gingerbread, sugar cookies, or buttermilk pancakes for a Christmas morning breakfast. Each kit comes with Supernatural’s signature sprinkles and also unlocks password-protected holiday tips from bakers across the country on Supernatural’s website.

Price: $35.99-$49.99
If you’re deciding between a subscription model as well as a one time baking kit purchase, Bake Eat Love ensures that you can give a gift that arrives year-round. Each set comes with measured nonperishable ingredients, ensuring the creation of snow globe-shaped cookies, bananas foster sticky buns, and pumpkin cake pops go off without a hitch.

kitsby baking kit holidays baker bake
Many of Kitsby's baking kits have Asian flair, like hotteok cookies and matcha cream puffs. | Photo courtesy of Kitsby

Price: $34.99-$69.99
Before Kitsby opened their Brooklyn-based cafe specializing in Asian-inspired desserts and fragrant tea drinks, the online brand solely focused on baking kits. Akin to their cafe offerings, Kitsby’s baking kits have Asian flair and easy-to-follow instructions. Choose from matcha cream puffs, earl grey tea cakes, Korean-inspired hotteok cookies, and more. If baking isn’t your thing, there’s also an option to make hot cocoa bombs or DIY boba.

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