Brunch at Proxi in Chicago, Illinois | Paul Strabbing
Brunch at Proxi in Chicago, Illinois | Paul Strabbing

The 24 Best Brunch Spots in America

Try to imagine the most perfect brunch: You're probably envisioning omelets, mimosas, French toast, and only a 90-minute wait to consume it. But we're here to tell you that every single one of these 24 brunch spots from all across America is worth however long you must wait to eat its food (in some cases, there's no wait at all, if you can believe it). After all, brunch is your most unhurried meal of the week. You can have a drink or two. You can enjoy the bounty of creative egg dishes and donut holes and biscuits that the restaurant has to offer. These are the 24 best places to eat brunch in America right now. 

Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant

Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant

Boston, Massachusetts

Yes, Lincoln serves brunch on both Saturday and Sunday, but what makes this place special is that it offers some manner of brunch every day of the week. Monday through Thursday, satisfy your hankering with the smoked salmon Benedict or the fruity pebble pancakes (a full lunch menu of pizzas and burgers is also available). Meantime, the Friday Brunch Test Kitchen (10am-3pm) is where chefs experiment with a new brunch menu every week and then offer up a few favorites over the next two days. Past winners have included Nutella s’mores pancakes, wake and bake tater tots, breakfast fried rice, and the insane Cinnamon Toast Crunch boozy milkshake (Fireball whiskey, RumChata, vanilla ice cream, and cereal). Brunch on your lunch hour? All the kids are doing it. -- Meaghan Agnew

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Aurora, Colorado

Annette’s brunch seems…almost boring. And there’s not even much to choose from! But look closer. The chef/owner Caroline Glover is fresh off a Food & Wine Best New Chef award, and she’s cleverly packing each dish with nuanced, unexpected treats. One sandwich is stacked with pork loin from the sous chef's family pig farm and covered in raclette. The waffle is yeasted, and each light, airy bite is topped with whatever’s in season, like peaches and an oat crumble or strawberries and whipped cream. A grilled cheese features an interplay between a seasonal jam (it’s apricot and onion now) and Chandoka cheese, a cow/goat blend that lends your morning meal a touch of funk. The buttermilk biscuits have a serious following, and are elevated with a fruit and a flavored sugar -- think lemon or lime zest. If you’re from Texas like Glover, the relatively rare-in-Denver kolaches are a special treat, with rotating fillings like sour cherry and cream cheese. They’re only make 14 for Sunday brunch. Arrive early. -- Lee Breslouer

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Arnaud's Restaurant

Arnaud's Restaurant

New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz isn't just Will Smith's sidekick: It's also a form of music popularized in New Orleans! And Arnaud's is one of the more unique, old-school spots to enjoy said music while eating your first meal of the day. And we do mean old-school -- it opened in 1918 and has the stately white tablecloths and fancy chandeliers to prove it. Families have been going there for so long that they have dedicated waiters and regular tables. While the three-piece jazz band plays upbeat tunes over the course of the 4.5-hour brunch, the food is an essential part of the experience. You're locked into a four-course prix fixe menu, but you won't mind. If you know what's good for you, for the first course, it's the signature shrimp Arnaud, which is boiled shrimp with a tangy, delicious remoulade. Then you'll order a salad -- look, you're locked into this selection as part of the four courses, so just go with it! For the third course, ask for the eggs Sardou, which are poached eggs with artichoke and creamed baby spinach. And for the last course, ask for the crazy-decadent bananas Foster for two -- they prepare it tableside with a pan and a burner and everything, so you also get a free show! Don't forget to dress up before you show up -- this place is fancy (remember the chandeliers and white tablecloths from earlier?), so all dudes must wear a collared shirt, lest they get tossed out by Uncle Phil... er, asked to change. -- LB

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Aubrie Pick


San Francisco, California

We hate to ruin a good secret (OK, not really since that’s actually our favorite thing to do), but if you’re looking for a brunch with fantastic cocktails, indulgent dishes (which, let’s be real, is what brunch is all about), great service, and little-to-no wait, then hit up this industry hotspot that serves a low-key brunch from 11am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The obvious thing to order is the carbonara pizza (bacon, two eggs, mozzarella, pecorino, cracked black pepper), but we’re also fans of the French toast and pasta chilaquiles. Beretta is known for its creative cocktails and it has a separate list for brunch, so you’ll want to make you way through that as well. -- Daisy Barringer

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Allison Narro

Better Half

Austin, Texas

On weekends, starting at 8am and ending at 3pm, Better Half serves a brunch menu of updated diner fare like the Better Half breakfast sandwich: an English muffin filled with hash brown, fried farm egg, arugula, and smoked paprika aioli, made even better with the addition of bacon or sausage. Our favorite pick is the filling and flavorful waffle iron hash browns, smothered in coffee and cream gravy, Mexican cheese, a farm egg, pickled onions, and scallions. The savory michelada is a hungover person’s dream, but if that isn’t your tempo, the CFT brunch cocktail will be: Cold brew coffee, Fernet-Branca menta, aztec chocolate bitters, and fresh mint add up to the perfect eye-opener. -- Anastacia Uriegas 

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Chris and Michelle Gerard

Bobcat Bonnie's

Detroit, Michigan

When it comes to bar brunches, Corktown favorite Bobcat Bonnie’s is ahead of the pack. The Cap'n Crunch French toast is an absolute must-try, made on luscious house-made apple bread and served with homestyle potatoes. The real stars of the brunch hour though are the build-your-own Bloody Marys and mimosas: Get creative for only $3 with a glass half-filled with vodka or Champagne, plus a variety of of garnishes, sauces, and juices. -- Lexi Trimpe

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Mark Weinberg

Clinton St. Baking Company

New York City

In New York, breakfast doesn’t always get the respect that a so-called “most important meal of the day” truly deserves. But here at this 32-seat mom-and-pop restaurant on the Lower East Side, the morning meal is the star attraction -- especially the pancakes, whose heavenly lightness is unrivaled in this town. (The famous flapjacks, made with blueberries, banana, and walnut, or chocolate chunks, are also available during dinner.) New Yorkers line up for hours on weekends to get a table, which is understandable once you taste what’s coming off the griddle. But don’t sleep on the farmers breakfast: soft scrambled eggs, farmhouse Cheddar cheese, house-made rosemary sausage, potatoes and sourdough toast -- it’s a drool emoji-worthy combination. -- Chris Shott

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Central Provisions

Central Provisions

Portland, Maine

Don’t bother coming here with a hangover. You’ll want all your faculties for a meal at Central Provisions, which was nominated for a James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant when it initially opened. The concept here is small plates, so bring your squad. This is the kind of place whose brunch menu beautifully straddles the line between "br" and "unch," with an explosive breakfast burger topped with miso mayo, egg, and bacon holding court next to fontina-craped bone-marrow toast, and a cornbread skillet served like a sizzling, open-faced bacon, egg, and cheese. It's the kind of place where the menu is just a series of nouns (“foie gras parfait, custard, buddha’s hand gelee”) and the food looks like art and tastes the way it probably feels to be George Clooney. Just make sure you’ve got some funds in your account, those lobster fritters, when available, don't come cheap, and you'll definitely want two orders. -- LB

Farmers & Distillers
Farmers & Distillers

Farmers & Distillers

Washington, DC

Rolling to brunch with a bunch of people who like to hem and haw ad nauseum? This one is for the indecisive eaters (or the extremely hungry). For $32.95 a person, you get full access to their Farmers Market Buffet Brunch -- an international mix of anything from pan-fried dumplings to cacio e pepe, or a classic eggs Benedict. It’s perfect for large groups not only because you’re sure to find at least one dish that caters to anyone in your party, but also because of the ample seating. Their dessert table, with items such as seasonal cobbler and farmers donuts are included in your meal, but alcoholic drinks are not. You can choose to order à la carte brunch cocktails and cold-pressed juices, or opt for a “brunch bowl” cocktail that serves 2-4. They are, after all, a distillery, so it'd border on insulting if you didn't get at least one oversized drink. -- Austa Somvichian-Clausen

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Fire Food and Drink

Fire Food and Drink

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a city whose food scene keeps growing and getting greater, but even amid all the change, there remains a constant: Fire. This Shaker Square mainstay has stood the test of time thanks to chef Doug Katz by turning out consistently great food in a sleek, comfortable setting. Fire's extensive menu keenly focuses on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Its reasonably priced weekend brunch is the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and dig in, particularly for dishes like a vanilla mascarpone French toast hit with bruleed bananas and a plate of crispy chicken livers with poached eggs and housemade bacon. Oh, and we'll take one of those sticky buns, please. -- Beth Phillips Synk

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Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Fort Defiance

Brooklyn, New York

Lists of the best restaurants in Red Hook are a laugh riot. There are only like 10 of them. But Fort Defiance is truly the best, and it’s great for brunch in particular. Pair the bracing best Irish coffee “in the known world” with the All-American (two eggs any style -- get them scrambled -- toast, and the most delicious hash browns ever created by humans) and maybe a morning banh mi before you switch to a beer from Other Half so you can actually get something done over the weekend. -- Amber Sutherland-Namako

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Andrew Thomas Lee

The General Muir

At this point, if you can’t agree that The General Muir is one of the top brunch spots in Atlanta -- if not the very best -- you haven’t been yet, which is tragic. But you owe it to yourself to try the smoked hash, just to get your teeth into the house pastrami; it’s ridiculous. And don’t forget they bake bread not just for themselves but other restaurants around the city, so have at the pecan-crusted French toast on house-made challah. Definitely consider the bagels, too, named after avenues in alphabetical order (the classic lox with salmon roe will never go out of style). And like a proper New York deli, you can get schmaltz potatoes, latkes, and matzoh ball soup. There’s also the kind of soup that’s better known as “alcohol” -- they have great classic cocktails (aviation, penicillin, etc.), but try their tequila/mezcal/elderflower liqueur/grapefruit/lemon “City Island” for a taste of the bartending talent. -- Mike Jordan

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Hash Kitchen

Hash Kitchen

Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

If you’re looking for a weekend morning brunch that serves as an extension of last night’s party, Hash Kitchen is the place for you. Between the DJ, mimosa flights, Arizona's largest Bloody Mary bar, and a long list of decadent and ‘gram-worthy, hangover-curing dishes, it blends all the best elements of your favorite restaurant and a dance club. Our favorite dishes range from the super sweet, like the s’mores French toast and the cannoli pancakes, to the savory, like the herb fried chicken and waffle. Brunch is served daily from 7am to 3pm, so you can count on a fresh stack of pancakes whether you’re an early riser or an afternoon bruncher. -- Jamie Killin

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Sarah Murrell/Thrillist


Indianapolis, Indiana

It takes a special type of restaurant to make our Best New Restaurants in America rundown and only serve breakfast and lunch. But chef Jonathan Brooks is doing just that in a former garage space in Indy, and it's because of the Dutch, baby. Sorry, it's because of the place's ever-changing take on the brunch dish known as the Dutch baby pancake -- right now it's served with local pears, honey almond yogurt, caramel corn, and puffed rice. Other times of the year it's served with berries and lemon curd. And for a new twist on a Southern staple, try the blue corn grits and slow-poached egg. Don't forget to pair whatever you order with any of the more inventive brunch cocktails in the land. We'd recommend the eye-popping $25 Beermosa, made with Hamm's and fresh-squeezed OJ, just to balance out all that fancy food with something a little more lowbrow. 

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Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar

Pisco Y Nazca

Doral and Miami, Florida; Washington, DC

One of the best brunch deals in the exploding dining scene of Doral is at Pisco Y Nazca, where chefs have curated a three-course, prix fixe brunch for a pleasantly reasonable $27. You’ll get Pisco faves like tostones, causa de pancita, ceviches, and alfajor pancakes, plus the option to go for bottomless sangria or passion fruit mimosas for another $18. Either way, expect to get a mind-blowing array of Peruvian-style ceviches, and maybe a little pisco too… it's in the name, after all. -- Matt Meltzer

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Paul Strabbing


Chicago, Illinois

On the heels of its dinner service success, this eclectic West Loop spot adds "weekend brunch" to the ever-growing list of reasons to pay it a visit. Kick things off with a Proxi Michelada (Mesh & Bone Sotol, Negra Modelo, Clamato, gochujang, Worcestershire, lime, and Tajin salt rim) before immersing yourself in a wondrous world of grilled sourdough laden with whipped bone marrow butter and strawberry-Thai basil jam, coconut and pandan leaf French toast, kimchi fried rice, and chef Andrew Zimmerman's famous tempura elotes. -- Michelle O'Neil

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Shalom Y'all

Shalom Y'All

Portland, Oregon

Portland super chef John Gorham's Tasty & Sons -- which shuttered this year to make way for Tasty & Daughters -- helped elevate Stumpton to a brunch-lover's heaven thanks in large part to its show-stopping shakshuka, so it only makes sense that the stewed-tomato icon made its way onto the menu at his new-ish Israeli street food outpost. In fact, there are multiple variations at Shalom, including the Shakshuka Royale loaded with house-made lamb merguez. Mezze plates and hummus here are among the city's best, while beef bacon and za'atar eggs make up a monstrous breakfast plate. Do not skip the khachapuri, a cheesy bread boat crowned with a baked egg that's already candidate to be Portland's next brunch icon. -- Andy Kryza

Spoon and Stable

Spoon and Stable

Minneapolis, Minnesota

You might not expect that a restaurant with a $4 breakfast item is run by a James Beard-award winning chef. But Spoon & Stable, run by hotshot chef Gavin Kaysen, is in fact one of the top restaurants in the Twin Cities, and offers one of its most delicious and popular menu items for just four bucks. It's a slice of crepe cake, with seemingly endless layers of those super-thin pancakes piled high, then topped with seasonal berries. You can order the cake and other pastries to go, but you're going to want to get a table. After all, brunch should be about more than millions of crepes. Since you'll get your fair share of sweet stuff after raiding its pastry selection, balance your brunch order out with fried quail atop chickpea flatbread or, if you want to keep things more traditional snag biscuits covered in bratwurst scallion gravy and topped with quail egg. But lest you think it's all tiny bird-based cuisine, you can also get a duck egg omelet filled with smoked trout and farmer's cheese. -- AK

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Jaime Beechum for Sqirl


Los Angeles, California

It doesn’t get much more LA than this: sustainable, local, vegan-friendly, market-driven, small-batch, globally inspired, and hella good. Chef Jessica Koslow's Sqirl only serves breakfast and lunch but that’s apparently all that’s necessary to build a cult following; on weekends there are hordes of people -- some famous, all hungry -- angling for a table in the sparse, 800-square foot cafe, with the shady sidewalk seats serving as prime real estate. The food is as delicious as it is photogenic (which is saying a lot in this Insta-heavy city) and occupies that sweet spot between healthy (“Kabbouleh” with crispy brown rice, kale, cauliflower, and sumac) and indulgent (Guittard chocolate and hazelnut butter on thick-cut brioche toast). While terms like “lacto-fermented” might have some rolling their eyes, the meals will simply have eyes closing in ecstasy. Take some jelly to go, too: This is, after all, a place that began life jarring preserves, and they taste as good on Wonder Bread as they do the house brioche. -- Khushbu Shah

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hankr app/Story Hill BKC

Story Hill BKC

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BKC stands for bottle, kitchen, and cup, and it sells retail wine and beer while also operating a coffee bar and an all-day restaurant. Brunch is served every day and includes some unique options like shakshouka, a take on the Middle Eastern dish of eggs baked in a tomato and pepper sauce that includes lentils and goat cheese. There's also a full lineup of crepes highlighted by a house special loaded with smoked loin bacon, kale, and baked eggs kissed with chili maple syrup. You really can't go wrong, unless you skip the Chocolate Caramel Nut Roll. Don't do that. -- Lacey Muszynski

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Drew Tyson/Thrillist


Portland, Oregon

Housed across the street from a bar and an organic grocery, right next to a record store (oh, Portland... never change), this tiny counter-service place feels like it could have landed in the Pacific NW after a tornado hit the heartland. The counter where you order after an inevitable line is stocked with Mason jars of pickles and display cases of pies, leading to an open kitchen where you'd half expect to see grannies running coffee. Only here, that fresh-baked heartland cookin' is served with a (slightly hippie) chef's touch and much better coffee… though it would sure be nice if they called you "hon" when they did refills. Think deeply satisfying corn cakes and fresh-baked rye to go along with the mellow smoked trout. Hell, even the granola's made in-house. Everything's fantastic, but do not -- ABSOLUTELY DO NOT -- skip the honey pie, a slice of sticky-sweet bliss on a flaky crust that has managed in a few short years to achieve a legendary status that most Southern grandmothers could only hope for. -- AK

Courtesy of Tarsan i Jane

Tarsan i Jane

Seattle, Washington

One of the best new restaurants in the country, Tarsan i Jane sits in a barn-like space next to a pizza joints in Seattle's Frallard neighborhood. It seems like an odd place for refined, locally sourced Spanish-style food that's chosen for you by the chef, but you'll forget all about that by the time your five-course, prix fixe brunch -- which ends with a huge pan of what is probably Seattle's best paella -- is over. Consider it brunch omakase, and expect each dish to dazzle more than the previous one, both in flavor and appearance. Bring an extra battery. You're going to want to take lots of pictures. -- Bradley Foster

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Rob Larson

Whitfield East Liberty

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Ace Hotel Pittsburgh is home to Whitfield: a bright, airy restaurant that’s a hit with the city's in-crowd. Led by chef Bethany Zozula, the brunch menu features local produce and sustainably-raised meats in hearty, classic sweet and savory options, like steak & eggs and blueberry buttermilk pancakes. The Whitfield Breakfast, a twist on the classic eggs Benedict, is a must-try featuring chimichurri and delicious beet and potato rosti. The pastry program (from pastry chef Casey Renee) is a star here, with house-made English muffins, zucchini bread, and biscuits elevating an already-excellent mid-morning meal. -- Emily Catalano

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Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs

Louisville, Kentucky

From breakfast burritos to the Mr. Potato Head Casserole, the menu at Wild Eggs will take you a minute -- or 15 -- to look over, but trust us when we say that anything you pick, you'll be more than happy with. If you want to keep it simple, you can simply order some granola or oatmeal. But if you are daring enough to try the Mr. Potato Head, you'll be awash in hash brown potatoes baked with sour cream, diced onions, Cheddar-Jack cheese, eggs, sausage, diced tomatoes, poblano peppers, roasted mushrooms, queso, and… yeah, that about covers it. -- Josh Johnson

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