When someone loves candy they're said to have a sweet tooth. If that's the case, then the chefs we spoke to about their favorite candies have mouths full of 'em. Read on to find out the which delicious-sounding candies from all over the world our favorite chefs enjoy bingeing on when they're not in the kitchen.


Li hing mui Sour Patch Kids

"My favorite candy is li hing mui Sour Patch Kids, hands down [Editor's Note: Li hing mui is a dried plum powder you can sprinkle on fruit or candy]. I eat them until my teeth throb." -- Ravi Kapur, Liholiho Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA)


"I love Twizzlers, and I especially love sharing a bag with my daughters when we're watching a movie together." -- Michael Muser, Grace (Chicago, IL)

Honeycomb candy

"I'm a Violet Crumble or Crunchie kind of gal (and more often it's the latter). I also stick those honeycomb candies in the freezer. I don't care. I'll break off a piece and let it stick and dissolve in my mouth. It's satisfying." -- Jessica Koslow, Sqirl (Los Angeles, CA)



"My guilty pleasure around my daughter's birthday and Halloween is the unnatural, very processed Reese's Cups, bars, and Pieces. I love peanut butter and chocolate." -- Jonathon Sawyer, Noodlecat (Cleveland, OH)

Atkinson's Peanut Butter Bars

"I tend to like candy with a more balanced flavor. It needs a good amount of salt to even it out. Atkinson's is an old-timey candy made in Texas. I remember my grandparents always having them around Halloween. It's crunchy and crispy. The texture is awesome, and it's got that salty/sweet thing going on without being overly sweet or cloying." -- Nathan Tate, Rapscallion (Dallas, TX)

Katjes Soft Salty Fish Licorice

"My favorite candy lately, no joke, has been black licorice fish from Germany. There's a World Market next to Terra & Vine, and I pop in there for random things and bags of those sweet, salty, delicious black fish." -- Andrew Graves, Terra & Vine (Evanston, IL)

Haribo USA/Instagram

Gummy bears

"Sometimes after a long day of lounging and writing recipes, I'll stand up, refocus my blurry eyes, and suddenly notice my nest of blankets and Haribo wrappers... it's quite embarrassing. Honestly, I can pinpoint a cavity in my teeth that can be attributed solely to my gummy bear obsession. Also, how freaking cute are gummy bears?! I even made white truffle gummy bears last year for the Oregon Truffle Festival. It was crazy." -- Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw (Portland, OR)

Sour Patch Kids

"I'm a sour guy when it comes to candy. Warheads, Skittles Sours, and Mike and Ike Zours are all amazing, but it's Sour Patch Kids that ultimately turned me into a sugar junkie!" -- Jonathan Brooks, Milktooth (Indianapolis, IN)

All-caramel everything

"Anything with caramel in it is great. Caramel sauce drizzled over anything. It could be anything from an Olive and Sinclair duck fat caramel or a bag of Kraft caramels. I even had a dog named Carmelita! There's nothing better than brown butter and sugar. When my kids were trick-or-treaters I would sneak all the caramels out of their Halloween bag. Caramel was also the base of the recipe I developed for Whisper Creek. And I always tell my cooks that if they ever want to get on my good side to just bring me a bag of caramels." -- Ali Gensert, Etch (Nashville, TN)

NECCO wafers

"I like its subtle grown-up flavors. And it's a treat to find them, as they are not everywhere." -- Tony Mantuano, Spiaggia (Chicago, IL)

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and is a Reese's man. Follow him to cavities @LeeBreslouer.



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