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Great Chefs Name Their All-Time Favorite Candy

Haribo gummy bears

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Li hing mui Sour Patch Kids

"My favorite candy is li hing mui Sour Patch Kids, hands down [Editor's Note: Li hing mui is a dried plum powder you can sprinkle on fruit or candy]. I eat them until my teeth throb." -- Ravi Kapur, Liholiho Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA)


"I love Twizzlers, and I especially love sharing a bag with my daughters when we're watching a movie together." -- Michael Muser, Grace (Chicago, IL)

Honeycomb candy

"I'm a Violet Crumble or Crunchie kind of gal (and more often it's the latter). I also stick those honeycomb candies in the freezer. I don't care. I'll break off a piece and let it stick and dissolve in my mouth. It's satisfying." -- Jessica Koslow, Sqirl (Los Angeles, CA)


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"My guilty pleasure around my daughter's birthday and Halloween is the unnatural, very processed Reese's Cups, bars, and Pieces. I love peanut butter and chocolate." -- Jonathon Sawyer, Noodlecat (Cleveland, OH)

Atkinson's Peanut Butter Bars

"I tend to like candy with a more balanced flavor. It needs a good amount of salt to even it out. Atkinson's is an old-timey candy made in Texas. I remember my grandparents always having them around Halloween. It's crunchy and crispy. The texture is awesome, and it's got that salty/sweet thing going on without being overly sweet or cloying." -- Nathan Tate, Rapscallion (Dallas, TX)

Katjes Soft Salty Fish Licorice

"My favorite candy lately, no joke, has been black licorice fish from Germany. There's a World Market next to Terra & Vine, and I pop in there for random things and bags of those sweet, salty, delicious black fish." -- Andrew Graves, Terra & Vine (Evanston, IL)


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Gummy bears

"Sometimes after a long day of lounging and writing recipes, I'll stand up, refocus my blurry eyes, and suddenly notice my nest of blankets and Haribo wrappers... it's quite embarrassing. Honestly, I can pinpoint a cavity in my teeth that can be attributed solely to my gummy bear obsession. Also, how freaking cute are gummy bears?! I even made white truffle gummy bears last year for the Oregon Truffle Festival. It was crazy." -- Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw (Portland, OR)

Sour Patch Kids

"I'm a sour guy when it comes to candy. Warheads, Skittles Sours, and Mike and Ike Zours are all amazing, but it's Sour Patch Kids that ultimately turned me into a sugar junkie!" -- Jonathan Brooks, Milktooth (Indianapolis, IN)

All-caramel everything

"Anything with caramel in it is great. Caramel sauce drizzled over anything. It could be anything from an Olive and Sinclair duck fat caramel or a bag of Kraft caramels. I even had a dog named Carmelita! There's nothing better than brown butter and sugar. When my kids were trick-or-treaters I would sneak all the caramels out of their Halloween bag. Caramel was also the base of the recipe I developed for Whisper Creek. And I always tell my cooks that if they ever want to get on my good side to just bring me a bag of caramels." -- Ali Gensert, Etch (Nashville, TN)

NECCO wafers

"I like its subtle grown-up flavors. And it's a treat to find them, as they are not everywhere." -- Tony Mantuano, Spiaggia (Chicago, IL)

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