8 CBD Saviors to Get You Through Your Next Cycle

Soothing salves, chill-inducing chocolates, herbal spliffs—these cannabis products (and more) aim to ease your menstrual woes. Period.

Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist
Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

We’ve employed the pain-relieving properties of cannabis for thousands of years, but ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans, Indian scholars, and Chinese medicine practitioners have long employed it for a specific use: a remedy for a variety of women’s health issues. Today, clinical studies are beginning to establish a link between cannabis consumption and pain management, including during one’s menstrual cycles. The following CBD products are designed to tackle such monthly discomfort, from PMS to cramps to migraines.

Xula Botanical Salve

This salve from Xula is botanically derived, one-hundred percent organic, vegan, and is designed to provide relief from the aches and pains that follow PMS and menstruation. Not only equipped with a delightful earthy scent, each container is extremely potent with 500mg of CBD, 100mg of CBG, and other pain-relieving botanicals such as comfrey leaf, hyssop flower, cramp bark, ginger root, and cayenne pepper. All of Xula’s products are uniquely formulated with the help of both doctors and herbalists, exceeding the most ingredient-conscientious shopper’s high standards.

Relief Melts by Foria

This product’s method of delivery is out of the ordinary but has a borderline cult following for a reason. Foria’s Relief Melts are vaginal (or anal) suppositories, created to target menstrual-related pain and discomfort at the source. Each melt contains 100mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD. The only inactive ingredient is organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter, making these suppositories entirely botanically derived.

Menstrual Cramp Roller by Somebody

Perfect for the girl that doesn’t slow down even with her cycle, Somebody’s Menstrual Cramp Roller is a portable—and TSA-friendly!—approach to topical pain relief. Each 10ml roller (think oversized perfume roller) contains a whopping 500mg of CBD and a blend of other therapeutic oils optimized for pain relief. Each roller is made out of glass with packaging so beautiful you’ll want to leave it out on your nightstand. Roll it on your belly for cramps, your temples and neck for migraines, wherever else aches for fast acting relief.

Xula Uff Tincture

Designed for the first few days of your cycle, a few drops of Xula’s expertly formulated Happy Period Tincture will leave you feeling renewed and ready to take on the world. Each bottle contains 550 mg of CBD and 100mg of CBG. An unsung hero, CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids and can help with a wide range of issues from migraines to muscle soreness. In combination, the two cannabinoids work symbiotically to provide pain and inflammation relief. Each tincture also includes 4740 mg of active botanicals that are clinically shown to support menstrual and general pain relief. Xula’s Happy Period Tincture is sourced directly from the earth, triple-lab tested, and 100% organic.

Phasey Period Chocolate

One of the arguably yummiest ways to consume CBD, Phaesy’s Period Chocolate packs a mighty punch at 30mg of CBD per chocolate. Each truffle is delicately sweet and filled with wholesome (vegan, refined-sugar-free, and paleo) ingredients that undoubtedly rival any chocolate bar you’d typically consume during your cycle.

Hummingway Period Patches

Every Cycle Soother pack comes with four patches for a total of two uses. The recommended dosage is two patches on the stomach, one over each ovary. The two patches supply a foolproof dosage of 70 mg of transdermal CBD. These patches are free of heavy metals, residual solvents, sulfates, latex, and other synthetics. Ninety-six percent of testers report preferring Hummingway’s Cycle Soothers over their usual pain relief medication.

Daye’s CBD Tampons

An easy swap to your existing routine, Daye’s CBD Tampons are a change for the better. Daye’s CBD-coated tampons are created with both reproductive health and Earth’s health in mind. Each tampon is packaged in flushable wrappers, utilizes sugarcane applicators, and recyclable packaging. The product itself is composed of unbleached organic cotton and is infused with 100 mg of 30% concentration, full-spectrum CBD oil.

Barbari’s & Xula’s Herbal Spliff

After a long-awaited release, Barbari and Xula’s Period Daze Spliff is finally here. Inhalation is a fastest-acting form of pain relief, and this preroll is developed specifically for discomfort associated with periods—perhaps the first smokable of its kind to address this particular need. The Period Daze Spliffs are a blend of CBD, CBG, raspberry leaf, mugwort, chamomile, pink rose, and cramp bark, herbs associated with womb health and pain relief. Each order comes with two spliffs contained in a playfully patterned (and airtight!) doob tube.

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