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9 Cold Noodle Dishes You Need to Eat This Summer

Published On 07/15/2019 Published On 07/15/2019
naengmyeon cold chilled korean noodles
Nengmyeon is a chilled noodle dish that hails from Korea. | TMON/Shutterstock
Pasta salad can be made with any pasta shape and is typically dressed in vinaigrettes. | YuliiaHolovchenko/Shutterstock
Hiyashi chūka is a Japanese noodle dish inspired by Chinese food. | ao nori/Shutterstock
Naengmyeon features a cold broth made from beef, chicken, or kimchi. | sangsoo lee/Shutterstock
Though cool in temperature, Sichuan cold noodles contain fiery chiles. | HelloRF ZCool/Shutterstock
Soba noodles can be served either hot or cold. | naito29/Shutterstock
Yum woon sen is made up of glass noodles and can be found in the salad section of Thai restaurants. | iHa Moo/Shutterstock
Bún chả is the dish former president Barack Obama shared with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam. | Jiann/Shutterstock
Udon noodles are thicker and chewier than ramen noodles. | funny face/Shutterstock
Tum khao poon is a Laotian papaya and noodle salad. | pada smith/Shutterstock