The Best Food From Every State That Ships Nationwide

While not all states are created equal when it comes to food, it's undeniably true that in every corner of America has its share of tasty treats. Some of these there's no way to acquire unless you travel there, but some of them, much to the delight of homesick transplants and other culinary curious folks, ship their wares all over the place. Here are the top edible delights you can acquire from all 50 states, perfect for bestowing upon a friend or hoarding all to yourself.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que
Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que


Big Bob Gibson's BBQ pack
Gibson's invented Alabama BBQ, and while other joints across the US are imitating its famed white sauce, there's still nothing like the real deal. This package includes that signature sauce, plus Big Bob's world famous pulled pork, brisket, smoked turkey, saucy whole chickens, and Brunswick stew.

Alaska Sausage & Seafood


Alaska Sausage and Seafood package
Nothing tastes more perfectly Alaskan than smoked salmon and reindeer sausage, which is exactly what you get in this package that is at once a gourmet treat and a cautionary tale told to keep reindeer from trying to escape Santa's servitude.

rock springs cafe
Courtesy of Rock Springs Cafe


Rock Springs Cafe pies
Because chimichangas don't ship well. And also because Rock Springs makes some of the most delicious pies in all of Arizona. JD's pecan pie is the stuff of legend.

McClard's Bar-B-Q
McClard's Bar-B-Q


McClard's BBQ sauce
Arkansas' best BBQ joint won't ship you its chopped beef or ribs, but they will ship bottles of their famous BBQ sauces for $5 a pop. And honestly, this stuff is so good that it would make even a Slim Jim taste like championship BBQ. Or at least like a Slim Jim covered in really good sauce.

Philippe's Famous Hot Mustard
Philippe's Famous Hot Mustard | Gold Belly


Philippe the Original French dips
The origin of the French dip is actually weirdly contentious, but it very certainly originated in LA, and Philippe the Original makes a damn fine version, even if its name draws some suspicion. We're not sure how these are shipped without dripping through the box, but hey, miracles happen. Don't skip a bottle of the signature mustard with the order. 

Mountain America Jerky
Mountain America Jerky


Mountain America Jerky
Colorado's jerky game runs strong, and this Denver-based proprietor of smoked and dehydrated meats does it all, from duck to boar, yak, venison, and tuna. Pair it up with some Colorado beer, and you've got a rock-solid Rocky Mountain camping trip pretty much anywhere. 

mystic hickory
Mystic Hickory


Mystic Hickory Syrup
If you thought maple was the only tree whose sweet, sweet syrup was worthy of your flapjacks, try these earthy, nutty syrups from Turkeywoods Farm in (where else?) Mystic, Connecticut. It's not necessarily an advisable topping for your Mystic Pizza, but it probably isn't half bad either?

Scrapple | Hoagies and Hops


Habbersett Scrapple
To the uninitiated, scrapple's a hard sell: After all, it's a mushy mish-mash of pork parts -- scraps of skin, heart, liver, etc. -- that fries up into something of a savory breakfast loaf. But it's an undeniably delicious delicacy that's extremely hard to find outside the northeast. Habbersett's a legend, and one bite will convert all naysayers. Just, you know, maybe don't list the ingredients until breakfast is over. 

Joe's Original Key Lime Pie
Joe's Original Key Lime Pie | Wally Gobetz/Flickr


Joe's Stone Crab key lime pie
Florida's storied contribution to dessert culture has the unique ability to transport you onto a beach full of retirees and Parrot Heads with one bite, and Joe's has managed to make its version the most famous in the state, making one wonder why they even bother with the crabs to begin with.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen


Savannah's Candy Kitchen pecan pie
Savannah's has been in the confection game for more than three decades and they have a whole range of gift baskets and towers offering their pralines and other non-pecan-related sweetness, but if you don't ensure your order includes at least one of these pecan pies, you're making a horrible mistake.

Leonard's Bakery


Leonard's malasadas
Since 1952, Leonard's has made arguably the state's best malasadas, those beloved Portuguese donuts that have become a staple of Hawaii. They'll ship the greatest hits -- li hing, sugar, or cinnamon -- anywhere on the mainland, forever rendering those tins of macadamia nuts your aunt always brings back from Hawaii utterly disappointing.

Idaho Spud candy bar
Elliot Moore/Flickr


Idaho Spud
No, we're not going to recommend a sack of potatoes, because that's just a harsh stereotype. Instead, we're going to recommend this marshmallow-filled, chocolate-covered, coconut-smooched candy that only looks like a potato. Hey, some states embrace their stereotypes!

lou malnati's pizza
Sean Cooley/Thrillist


Lou Malnati's pizza
A Chicago icon, Lou's pies take surprisingly well to freezing and shipping, and as a bonus you can purchase them in a heart shape in either a symbol of your affection or a particularly bizarre way to display your concern for their cardiovascular health.

sugar pie
Wick's Pies, Inc.


Wick's sugar cream pies
Since the waffles at JJ's Diner only exist in syndicated reruns of Parks & Rec, these delightful pies, an Indiana staple, are an excellent option for Hoosier aficionados. Though, to be fair, it's hard to envision how anything containing only the words "sugar," "cream," and "pie" could go wrong.

breaded pork tenderloin
Amana Meat Shop & Smokehouse


Amana pork tenderloins
Iowa's pork tenderloin sandwich is a thing of comically mismatched beauty. It's basically a big-ass pork cutlet, breaded and golden fried, then shoved onto a hamburger bun that's only a fraction of its size. It's basically like somebody shoved a meaty manhole cover on a slider bun, and Amana will ship its signature tenderloin straight to your door. We're guessing they won't be able to slip it through the mail slot though.

Joe's Kansas City BBQ
Joe's Kansas City BBQ


Joe's Kansas City BBQ Z-Man kit
You can (and should) consider shipping yourself (or a lucky friend) some ribs as well, but when a legendary BBQ joint sends you a painstakingly precise kit to help you execute their iconic sandwich, the effort simply must be recognized.

Bourbon Balls
Rebecca Ruth's Candies, Bourbon Balls | Mark Hester/Flickr


Rebecca Ruth bourbon balls
You can by bourbon balls (think delightful chocolate covered truffles with a kick of bourbon) from many Kentucky purveyors, including some of the big distilleries, and have yourself a fine time, as it's hard to screw up booze, sugar, and chocolate. But these little beauties are the original, first created in 1936. You can taste the history. Or maybe it's just the bourbon, but whatever they're really good.

Muffaletta | Central Grocery & Deli New Orleans


Central Grocery muffuletta
A massive Sicilian sandwich that packs an army of cured meats, tapenade, and cheese onto a dense, sesame-seed loaf, the muffuletta is as synonymous with NOLA as the po-boy and terrible decision making, and has been ever since Central Grocery introduced it 111 years ago. CG's is still arguably the best, and considering the order-able two-pack served up to eight people, it's basically the Louisiana equivalent of a big-ass party sub.

McLoons Lobster Shack lobster
McLoons Lobster Shack


McLoons lobster rolls
The Maine lobster roll is one of the most coveted of all regional sandwiches due to its buttery richness and ultra-fresh meat. Local favorite McLoons sends kits for true believers, in addition to whoopie pies, lobster stew, crab rolls, and full crustaceans up too 3lbs. The only way this could be a more authentic Maine experience is if it came with a Stephen King paperback. 

G&M Crab Cakes
Courtesy of G&M Crab Cakes


G&M crabcakes
As you know by now, Maryland does crab cakes and football. But not all places in Maryland do their crab cakes equally, and lately the football has been pretty terrible, which is the exact opposite of the gorgeous lump crab cakes from G&M.


Omni Hotels Parker House
Omni Hotels Parker House


Parker House Boston cream pie
This is it right here -- a pre-internet dessert sensation and American classic whose history stretches back to the 1850s. It tastes like happiness and pairs well with ranting lengthily about Deflategate out of nowhere despite the fact that the airport terminal tuned you out like 10 minutes ago.

 American Coney Island
American Coney Island


American Coney Island coney kit
Folks in Michigan take their hot dogs very, very seriously, and while loyalties are divided between shops, American's at the top of pretty much any list. American is is the granddaddy of the coney dog (it has nothing to do with New York, weirdly), and the world-famous shop ships kits complete with its secret-recipe franks, the signature chili sauce, a dozen buns, and even a sweet onion. The only thing missing is the mustard. 

Northern Waters Smokehaus
Northern Waters Smokehaus


Northern Waters Smokehouse meat packs
Duluth's Northern Waters is a master of the art of sandwiching thanks to its immaculately smoked provisions. From its excellent bacon and salumi to its giant "Porketta" to a school's worth of smoked fish, it can be tough to choose what exactly to get. So don't choose. Get The Grand Gesture, a pile of sausages, smoked salmon, bacon, pate, cheese, and crackers. And maybe get a Porketta too. You've been good this year. 

comeback sauce
Comeback Sauce | Mayflower Cafe


Mayflower Cafe Comeback sauce
Go ahead and call it a Comeback, mostly because that's the name, but Mayflower's garlicky orange dressing/sauce/sandwich spread/ill-advised drink has been here for years. Specifically, since 1935. And folks from Mississippi put it on everything. Largely because it makes everything taste better.

Imo's pizza
Courtesy of Imo's Pizza


Imo's Pizza and toasted ravioli
Your mileage may vary on Provel cheese, the processed Swiss-cheddar-provolone hybrid that powers Imo's and other St. Louis-style pizzas. But if you grew up with it you love it, miss it horribly when you move away, and think nothing of eating a whole one with a side of toasted ravioli.

salami and sausages
Chalet Market


Chalet Market buffalo sausage set
What, did you think Montana would be a salad? Nah. Buffalo meat is king in Big Sky country, and this package comes with salami, snack sticks, two kinds of jerky, and some cheese in the shape of a buffalo. There's also a wallet made of buffalo skin, in case the rest of the package seemed to subtle.

Runza Restaurants


Nebraska's greatest fast food can't really be found outside the general area, unless you get it shipped by the dozen. To the uninitiated, it's kind of like a fancy Hot Pocket, a fluffy loaf of bread stuffed with onion-flecked ground beef and cheese. To the initiated, it's comfort in handheld form.

Grandma's Fudge Factory
Grandma's Fudge Factory


Grandma's Fudge Factory
Don't worry, thanks to the robust lineup of shippable products from this beloved Virginia City confectionary, you don't have to be in Vegas for the state of Nevada to cause you to curse your weak will and proclivity towards indulgence. But hey, at least you'll have a belly full of fudge and caramel instead of an empty bank account.

Burdick Chocolates
L.A. Burdick Chocolates

New Hampshire

Burdick chocolates
Burdick is kind of a big deal, and while they do have a couple of outlets in other states, their heart and soul is all New Hampshire. We can 100% guarantee this is the best time you can possibly have shoving an entire mouse in your mouth.

Town Hall Deli
Town Hall Deli

New Jersey

Town Hall Deli sloppy joes
No, this isn't a bunch of ground beef swimming in ketchup, so put down the guitar, Sandler. The original sloppy joe is actually a triple-decker pile of meat covered in coleslaw and Russian dressing. It ain't pretty, but hey, when you're one of the best sandwiches in America, beauty is an afterthought.


New Mexico

Hatch green chiles
You can buy these spicy beauties fresh, roasted, or already broken down into a convenient sauce on your behalf. And if you're REALLY jones-ing on a regular basis, they offer monthly subscriptions.

bagels with lox
Russ & Daughters bagels | Cole Saladino/Thrillist

New York 

Russ & Daughters
We'll leave the calculus on whether or not shipping bagels is worth your effort up to you based on the quality of bagels available in your area, as some New Yorkers will tell you that if a bagel has been on the shelf more than 12 minutes it should be set on fire. However, ANY bagel is inarguably improved by Russ & Daughters incomparable smoked salmon and schmears, and also, it's not bagel-related but the chocolate babka is far too life-changing to warrant a cheap Seinfeld joke.

Kings Restaurant
Kings Restaurant

North Carolina

King's Carolina Oink Sampler
North Carolina, come on raise up! Take your shirt off and... actually, don't. Largely because consuming this gigantic package of chopped pork, two racks of ribs, a dozen hushpuppies, and a pint of Brunswick stew kind of makes you look gross topless.

chocolate covered potato chips
Carol Widman's Candy Co.

North Dakota

Carol Widman's Chippers
In addition to not being lutefisk, these chocolate-dipped potato chips are one of North Dakota's most delicious sweet/salty innovations. Big chips companies are emulating Carol Widman's innovation to varying degrees of success, but nothing beats the original icon.

Tony Packo's
Tony Packo's


Tony Packo's Hungarian hot dogs
Toledo's famous Hungarian franks are the stuff of legend in a hot dog-rich region, and the chili that comes with the kit stands tall with the more famous stuff put out by Skyline. For those who grew up in the region, this is what a hot dog is supposed to taste like.

Burn Co Barbecue
Burn Co Barbecue


Burn Co. BBQ sauce and rub
Oklahoma's got a sneaky great BBQ scene, and while none of the legends will ship you boxes of brisket or ribs, Burn Co. gets you one step closer to becoming a knockoff pitmaster thanks to its super-secret dry rub and ultra-tangy sauce. 

Olympia Provisions
Courtesy of Olympia Provisions


Olympia Provisions Grande Charcuterie Basket
Olympia Provisions works hard to dispel the notion that Oregon's just a bunch of twee vegans. The Portland icon offers individual sausages and an "of the month" club, but why do that when you can go big with a basked loaded with three types of salami, pistachio pork pate, rillettes, ham summer sausage, fancy cheese, lamb, and more? It's like being in a wine bar. But you can drink whatever you have in the fridge.

The Original Pat's King of Steaks
The Original Pat's King of Steaks


Pat's King of Steaks
You know those blowhards who say you can't get a good cheesesteak outside of Philly? Well, they're wrong -- both because that's just silly to say, and because cheesesteak OG Pat's ships genuine, Philadelphia-forged steaks anywhere in the US. And yes, they do it "wit" if you ask for it.

Del's Lemonade & Refreshments, Inc.

Rhode Island

Del's Frozen Lemonade
Quick question: if you aren't consuming a Del's Frozen Lemonade at any given moment, are you even FROM Rhode Island?

pork sandwich
Maurice's Piggie Park

South Carolina

Maurice's Piggy Park Taste of Carolina
Two racks of ribs, a pound of chopped pork, some Carolina hash, and a bottle of glorious Southern Gold BBQ sauce. The only way this could be more Carolinian is if you consume it next to a charming roadside smokehouse while pretending not to be uncomfortable with all the Confederate flags on the wall.

Purple Pie Place Restaurant, Pie Shop and Ice Cream Parlor
Purple Pie Place Restaurant, Pie Shop and Ice Cream Parlor

South Dakota

Purple Pie Place pies
PPP sticks out like a sore thumb in the Black Hills, looking as if Prince faked his death, moved to Custer, and painted his entire homestead purple. These pies are destination-worthy, especially the Bumbleberry, and if you happen to not be in South Dakota, they'll send them right to your door. Sure, some of the allure is lost when you aren't in the actual restaurant, but at least the berries will dye your fingers.

Nashville hot chicken
Prince's Hot Chicken | Brita Britnell/Thrillist


Prince's Hot Chicken
Hot chicken has reached cultural singularity at this point, but Prince's remains arguably the best in the game. Even better, this allows you to get it without waiting in that legendary line. Seriously. Getting it shipped would probably take as much time as getting it at the source. 

Louie Mueller Barbecue
Louie Mueller Barbecue


Louie Mueller Barbecue
One of central Texas' best and most iconic postmasters goes all in on the delivery system, offering everything from the signature "Dino" ribs to sausages, smoked turkeys, pork tenderloin, pulled pork, and the legendary brisket. As in Texas, that brisket's only available until it runs out for the day/delivery cycle. Unlike in Texas, there's no line full of tourists.

Hires Big H


Hires Big H Hamburger and Fry Sauce
Utes LOVE their fry sauce, so much that the ketchup/mayo hybrid might just be the most iconic foodstuff from the state. Yet unless it's made in Utah, it just doesn't taste right. Each bottle of Hires is a dose of multigenerational nostalgia.

maple syrup in front of farm
Sugarbush Farm Maple & Cheese Farm


Sugarbush Farm cheese and maple syrup
They make fantastic cheeses. They make excellent maple syrup. They do all of this on a 550-acre farm that's been in the same family since 1945. You can't screw this up, unless you skip the maple candy, which is basically a socially acceptable equivalent of chugging maple syrup straight from the bottle.

Edward's Country Ham
Edward's Country Ham


Edwards country ham
Edwards has been a smoking hams and other pork products in Virginia since the Coolidge administration, so it was particularly tragic when a devastating fire destroyed their facility (and much of their ham) in early 2016. While they're back on their feet, wouldn't it be nice to know your purchase of some incredible ham is also helping a great American business continue its recovery?

cherry pie


Twede's cherry pie
Pretty much everybody has a friend who is weirdly obsessed with Twin Peaks and never shuts up about the seminal show. One way to get them to stop talking is to present them with a pie from Twede's, which doubled as the show's Double R diner and does, in fact, make damn fine pie. Give them some coffee beans and maybe a log and you'll win Christmas.

Ben's Chili Bowl
Ben's Chili Bowl

Washington, DC

Ben's Chili Bowl Half-Smoke
DC's most famous restaurant will ship its iconic take on the hot dog -- a half-smoke covered in chili that can't really be found beyond DC and Virginia -- straight to your door. As for the customary side of unwelcome political banter, well, luckily that's something you can generally get just by leaving your house.

Pepperoni rolls | Tomaro's Bakery

West Virginia

Tomaro's pepperoni rolls
Quite simply, these little beauties are how West Virginia (removes sunglasses) rolls.

O&H Danish Kringle
Andy Kryza/Thrillist


O&H Danish Bakery kringle
For the uninitiated, a kringle is a Danish concoction that will taste fairly familiar to any lover of breakfast pastries, but don't tell anyone from Wisconsin that! In all seriousness, they're quite delicious and O&H has been in the game for generations, offering a wide variety of fillings to suit your particular kringle cravings.

Wyoming Gourmet Beef
Wyoming Gourmet Beef


Wyoming Gourmet Beef steaks
Wyoming equals steak. That'll happen when a state has more cows than people. It also equals some of the best beef in the world, which you can get in a relatively cheap four pack of culottes or sirloins. There's also jerky available, because this is from Wyoming, where dried beef technically counts as a vegetable.

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