The Best Food and Drink-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2022

DIY butter boards, a corn cob, and the judges of the Great British Baking Show are among our favorite ideas.

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Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist
Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

Food-themed Halloween costumes are always present: there’s the classic pumpkin, inflated purple balloons that resemble grapes, candy corn pyramids, and wavy strips of bacon. Although those are evergreen, we wanted to put together a list of 2022 costumes that really touch upon what’s happened in the food world this year. Here are food and drink-inspired Halloween costumes that are current—perfect for a 2022 Halloween costume party.

The Bear

FX series The Bear inspired a series of hot takes both about the struggles and dysfunction working in restaurant kitchens and why line cooks are hot, especially when drinking out of quart containers. Either way, dressing up as the characters from this hit show will be easy: all you really need is a white tee, blue apron, an amazing head of hair for Carmy, and a bandana for Sydney.


If the corn kid theme song did not earworm its way into your heart, perhaps it can invade your Halloween. We are fully expecting a slew of corn cob costumes this year, where guests can shout, “It’s corn!” at you when you arrive to the party. And if you have no idea what we’re talking about, just watch this.

Butter Board

This is the only year—and really only month—where you can pull off a butter board Halloween costume. The viral TikTok food trend, which is just a board of softened butter crowned with an array of toppings like maldon salt, fruits, and honey, could be easily turned into a DIY costume. All you need is a piece of cardboard cut into your desired board shape with yellow-tinted cotton balls that can resemble butter. From there, feel free to glue on fake figs, glitter for salt, or rose petals to level your butter board costume up.


2022 really does feel like the year of the mushroom. Mushroom recipes are as prevalent as ever and foraging accounts have taken over TikTok with their informative videos and serene settings. Even at Thrillist, we’ve devoted an entire section of our content to what we’re calling the “Mighty Mushroom.” What better way to celebrate our fungi than by dressing up as one in costume? All that's really needed is a DIY toadstool felt cap. From there, a simple white outfit will do to replicate the stem.

Paul Hollywood & Prue Leith

The Great British Baking Show returned to Netflix a couple of weeks ago and with it we’ve become enamored once again with Paul Hollywood’s watchful eyes and scarce handshakes and Prue’s colorful outfits and love of booze. The show’s return marks the perfect occasion for a fun couple’s costume—all you really need is a button down and frosty tips for Paul and a colorful frock and cat eye glasses for Prue. If you wanted to do a group costume, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas have memorable looks, as well.

Franzia Boxed Wine

A box of Franzia Wine has been a well-loved DIY costume for years. Who isn’t stoked to see someone carrying and distributing a bag of wine at their Halloween party? Last year, however, Franzia made it official with their own boxed wine costume. No longer do you have to fiddle with duct tape and cardboard cutouts—you can just buy Franzia’s version here. You’ll still be everyone’s favorite person to run into at the party. As a bonus, this year the winemaker also came out with a version of this costume designed for dogs, so you and Fido can match.

Crumbl Cookie Box

The buzzy TikTok cookie brand has a devoted following and launched two cookie-inspired costumes for the holiday in a collab with Spirit Halloween this year. One is modeled after its Classic Pink Sugar Cookie while the other is inspired by its Pink Cookie Box. Who doesn't want to spend the night of Halloween dressed like a giant walking sugar cookie?! Actual cookies for snacking are sold separately, and if we're being honest the Box costume itself would be a pretty manageable DIY for most folks.

Jack in the Box

Looking for something of the fast food variety? You could always go the somewhat expected Taco Bell hot sauce packet route, but there are other more niche options out there. Perennial west coast fave Jack in the Box has come out with an officially licensed and officially very spooky design of its mascot head that it suggests pairing with "a blazer, lingerie, or nothing at all for the sexiest and most successful CEO costume yet." If you're going the latter route, just don't wear it to a work gathering, k?

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