The Best Food and Drink-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2021

Dunkin’ cold brew, dalgona candy, and more.

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Design by Chineme Elobuike for Thrillist

Last Halloween was kind of a bust, so this is the year to go all out and make up for 2020’s lapse in costume parties. Food-themed Halloween costumes are always present: there’s the classic pumpkin, inflated purple balloons that resemble grapes, candy corn pyramids, and wavy strips of bacon. Although those are evergreen, we wanted to put together a list of 2021 costumes that really touch upon what’s happened in the food world this year (and okay, maybe a bit of last year too because we missed out). Here are food and drink-inspired Halloween costumes that are current—perfect for a 2021 Halloween costume party.

Dunkin’ Cold Brew

If this were a regular year—a pre-pandemic year—then dressing up as a thing of Dunkin’ cold brew would not be that exciting. But because we were gifted with the image of Ben Affleck dropping his packages and Dunkin’ order at the end of 2020, an image that has subsequently been turned into a meme, Dunkin’ is back in the pop culture limelight and perfectly appropriate for this Halloween. For bonus points, have a friend dress up as a disgruntled Ben Affleck.

Paul Hollywood & Prue Leith

The Great British Baking Show returned to Netflix a couple of weeks ago and with it we’ve become enamored once again with Paul Hollywood’s watchful eyes and scarce handshakes and Prue’s colorful outfits and love of booze. The show’s return marks the perfect occasion for a fun couple’s costume—all you really need is a button down and frosty tips for Paul and a colorful frock and cat eye glasses for Prue. If you wanted to do a group costume, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas have memorable looks, as well.

Dalgona Candy from Squid Game

It’s obvious that there will be a lot of Squid Game costumes this year based on how the show has completely taken over the world upon its debut. But stand out among the sea of green tracksuits, robot girls, and masked minions by dressing up as dalgona candy from Episode 3, “The Man with the Umbrella.” All you need is two large cardboard cutouts and paint. Select your favorite shape and go to town. As a bonus, carry around a silver pool noodle or anything else that can pass for a large needle so people can take turns poking you—just like in the show.

Viral TikTok Pasta

Honestly, this is just an excuse to get the Rachel Antonoff bowtie pasta dress, but really any pasta printed outfit will do. Add a TikTok logo pin or headband and carry around a styrofoam block of “feta” and there you have it: quite possibly one of the most viral recipes of 2021.

Emily Mariko

Speaking of viral TikTok, there’s no one who has won our hearts over quite like Emily Mariko, and replicating her style is fairly simple: All you have to do is look clean. Slick your hair into a tight bun and dress like you just got back from a workout—a pair of biker shorts and a sweatshirt will do just fine. Then have your reusable farmer’s market bag in tow. Extra points if you have a bunch of dinosaur kale or a bottle of kewpie mayo sticking out of it. Extra extra points if you can don an enormous sapphire ring and pretend to be recently engaged.

Ranch Water

The most popular cocktail of 2021 wasn’t really a cocktail, but a tequila soda made specifically with Topo Chico. Ranch water really expanded beyond its Texan borders and conquered this past summer. A fun tongue-in-cheek way to wear this costume is to don a water bottle—or Topo Chico—outfit and top it off with a cowboy hat and lasso. You can go as simple as wearing blue and an h2o sign or as specific as making your own Topo Chico shirt. For ranch water enthusiasts, show up to the party with tequila in hand.

Franzia Boxed Wine

A box of Franzia Wine has been a well-loved DIY costume for years. Who isn’t stoked to see someone carrying and distributing a bag of wine at their Halloween party? This year, however, Franzia has made it official with their own boxed wine costume. No longer do you have to fiddle with duct tape and cardboard cutouts—you can just buy Franzia’s version here. You’ll still be everyone’s favorite person to run into at the party.

Baby Yoda Sipping Soup

The Mandalorian has been on our screens and in our hearts for a couple of years now, but the image of Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, aka The Child, sipping soup remains peak adorable. The costume itself would be easy enough—just get some Yoda ears and a brown robe. (Props if you fashion some kind of pram out of a carseat or something.) But the best part? You’ll be able to sip delicious soup all night long.

Espresso Martini

Arguably the hottest drink comeback of 2021 has been the espresso martini. Whether we can blame the ’90s being back in style, Covid exhaustion warranting more caffeine, or Larry David and Timothée Chalamet’s Sant Ambroeus lunch date, the drink is having quite the moment. You can go simple and just wear a brown and tan outfit and a beanie on top for cute, punny effect. Or you could really get fancy and totally embody the drink’s chic vibe.

Wandavision Breakfast for Dinner

This super popular show from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will certainly inspire many costumes this year—the Agatha Harkness interpretations alone are endless. But if you want to get even more creative, recruit a group of friends to be the eggs, sausage, potatoes, toast, and fruit to recreate the breakfast-for-dinner meal that Wanda cooked up for Vision’s boss. If you can somehow figure out how to levitate in the process, all the better.

Mare of Easttown Wawa Hoagie

You’ve got two options here. You can dress like Mare—flannel shirt, detective badge, vape pen—and carry a Wawa hoagie as an accessory, or you can become the Wawa hoagie itself. Dress in the colors of beefsteak, spicy pepper relish, and cheddar cheese sauce, then wrap yourself in Wawa’s iconic sandwich paper. Make a hat or wear it as a shawl. Then have a can of spray cheese in hand just for kicks.

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