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Top Spooky Halloween Treats on Pinterest

Published On 10/28/2016 Published On 10/28/2016

Halloween's here, which means it's time to bust out the sexy Ken Bone costume and really up your snack game. We've got you covered with this ghoulish array of spooky treats that are perfect for entertaining. They're also scary-easy to make, and taste even better than they look. Best served with booze and booooos.


Ghost pretzels

You'll never look at pretzels the same way after making these. It's up to you whether you make these ghost pretzels with white chocolate, white candy melts, or white almond bark. Whichever you choose, make sure to leave the bottom hole empty so it looks like a screaming mouth! Candy eyes are easy to find at Walmart and are a huge time saver, reducing the time on these three-ingredient treats to a scant 15 minutes. Recipe here


Bloody good cheesecake

For those who want to suck some blood without the danger of falling in love with Kristen Stewart, this homemade red gel frosting really does taste bloody good. Not to mention the red velvet cheesecake is sinfully delicious. Carefully place a kitchen knife in the center of your cake and be prepared for your guests to take Instagram pictures of it all night (before it is served). Recipe here.


Eyeball cake pops on plastic forks 

Watch out for these eye-popping (sigh) desserts that are guaranteed to be a highlight of your party. Cake pops are perfect for entertaining a crowd (and save you the hassle of having to deal with cutting a cake). Red and black edible ink pens are the real game changer, and will help you with all the details. Recipe here


Witch fingers pretzels

Every party needs a sweet and salty snack. All you need for these creepy witch fingers are pretzel rods, green candy coating, almonds, and black gel. Oh, hello my pretty! Recipe here


Ghost strawberries 

These are what Pac-Man would likely eat if he went vegetarian. Simply dip strawberries in white chocolate or white candy coating and place three mini chocolate chips to make the :0 face. Viola! Recipe here


Rice Krispies Treat brains 

Rice Krispies Treats make for a great light snack (and are the perfect solution if you are worried about guests with food allergies). Grab some red gel icing to make this treat extra-creepy. There is nothing scarier than turning your guests into cannibals for the night, and as a bonus, these don't take a ton of thought. Recipe here


Halloween ghost chocolate bark 

Add some bright colors to your party with these playful ghost-shaped chocolate bark recipes. You only need orange, purple, black, and white candy melts and 20 minutes to make these haunted treats. Recipe here


Peanut butter mousse graveyard cups

This is the adult version of the classic dirt pudding cups with gummy worms. They are filled with layers of cookies, peanut butter mousse, and chocolate sauce, and are truly heavenly. The real highlight of these dessert cups are Milano cookies with “RIP” written in frosting, which will turn even the most honest guest into a grave(stone) robber. Recipe here


Pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies

The pumpkin-spice trend has gotten a little out of hand, but a Halloween party without a gourd-filled dessert just feels wrong. So break out the canned pumpkin puree and get ready to make these super-simple no-bake (yay!) pumpkin cheesecake truffles. All you need is to drizzle on some white frosting to give that mummy effect and that’s a wrap. Recipe here


Peanut butter teeth

While we're hesitant to consider fruit dessert on the day that's every dentist's worst nightmare, we'll make an exception if it's covered in peanut butter and marshmallows. Provide your guests with a slightly healthier (while still tasty) alternative. Recipe here


Mummified candy corn cake

Even though candy corn is the red-headed stepchild (well, more yellow-headed) of candy, its colors are a signature of Halloween. Coat your cake in white frosting like a mummy to make it even more festive. It might be a bit corny, but your guests are guaranteed to love this cake. Recipe here.


Boo-tiful pumpkin cake

You can scare your guest with this pumpkin cake, but also keep your sanity, as it requires very little decorating. You don't even have to fully cover this cake with frosting! Lazy people rejoice! Also, who knew an upside-down ice cream cone with green frosting makes for the perfect pumpkin stem? Recipe here


Caramel apples with a twist

An apple a day keeps the dentist away... unless it's all covered in caramel, white chocolate, and toffee. But whatever. Eating a trio of these is totally worth the visit to the hygienist. Recipe here.


Owl cookies

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a cookie? Seriously, don't try to find out. Licking cookies is gross. But these are delicious. Find the owl shape here, or if you are feeling up for a challenge, go ahead and freehand it (you can always say it's a mutant owl, and that you did it on purpose)! Candy corns turn out to be adorable owl beaks. 


Cheesecake-stuffed apples

Creamy, sweet, and oh so seasonal, these flavor-obsessed treats are the ideal dessert for any festive holiday meal. Unless that holiday involves fasting. Recipe here

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