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Meat Bouquets Are the Best Way to Win Valentine's Day

Welp, this 19-year-old college student from the Philippines just pulled an Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and made us all look really shitty this Valentine's Day. His girlfriend doesn't dig flowers, so he gave her a bouquet made of chicken nuggets instead, BuzzFeed reported. This is obviously what every single person on Earth would want and I'm not sure why Edible Arrangements hasn't realized that yet.

Since this student went viral with his masterful alternative for a traditional bouquet, it gave me some jerky for thought: What other meat products can we place on sticks in place of flowers? As it turns out, many, many meats will work here, which is a sentence I find myself saying alarmingly often.

Hopefully, these past instances of love-through-meat can inspire your own V-Day to be something a little more salty. (I mean, salty in a good way.)

1. Ham

2. Beef jerky


A photo posted by caitie walsh (@little_beaker) on

3. Salami

4. Bacon


A photo posted by Molly Cross (@cross_molly) on

5. Assorted deli meats (with celery stem)


A photo posted by Jessica Likens (@jlike23) on

6. TWO types of chicken nuggets and some undercooked bacon


A photo posted by Jo the Anne (@j_ohhj_ohh) on

7. Assorted mystery meats... ?


A photo posted by Brian Roecker (@coachroeckies) on

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