Miniature Pre-Rolls to Help Your Holiday High

Here’s a list of some of the best joints for a sanitary and safe celebration season.

Despite the Center for Disease Control (CDC) urging people to stay home, Thanksgiving is still on for many Americans. A recent study estimates that 47 percent of Americans will travel for Thanksgiving this year, largely by car and over short distances.

As the toughest year in recent memory, 2020 has taken many family moments away from us. If your heart is set on visiting family a county or two over, beyond the new risks, be prepared for the old ones. The holidays are an emotionally stressful time already, and now they’re heightened by a pandemic, economic crisis, and the aftermath of a polarizing election.

Escaping to the garage or bathroom with your cousin, some weed, and Febreeze will require a more individualistic approach. No, burning the mouthpiece of your pipe isn’t actually sanitary. While edibles have long been a stealthy route to a holiday high and sublinguals offer quick relief from your mom’s expectations, a long drag on a short joint might be the only thing that can help you recover from an uncle’s political monologue.

Mini pre-rolls — typically a half gram or less of cannabis flower — still don’t have the recognition of their full gram older siblings, but they’re easier to get than they used to be. Everyone who needs a break from the festivities gets their own pre-roll that they are free to get their saliva all over. Your local dispensary will likely have at least one brand of minis in stock, but here are few great ones to get you started.


California-based brand Besito recently launched its own line of mini pre-rolls. You can get indica, sativa, or hybrid packs (Sundae Drive, Sour Diesel, and Chemdawg) in colorful tins. Each tin contains 10 minis with 0.35 grams of bliss, but Sour Diesel is probably your best bet here.

Prūf Cultivar

In Oregon, Prūf Cultivar offers a little bit of Portland in one of its mini packs. Its Mt. Hood Magic Durban Pre-Roll Pack includes five half-gram pre-rolls with the power to lift you out of any funk.

Swift Lifts

Pre-roll packs from Verano’s Swift Lifts have a little more reach; they’re available in Illinois, Maryland, and Nevada. There’s a wide variety of five-pack, half-gram options, but Jet Fuel (a.k.a. G6) is a crowd favorite and a perfect choice for the holidays.

Bondi Farms

In Washington, you can find half-gram pre-rolls of all of Bondi Farms’ strains, but for something a little more supercharged, look to its special blends. Cherry Haze, an equal mix of Super Silver Lemon Haze and Black Cherry Soda, could be the perfect solution to a tense Turkey Day.

Jane West Hemp Night Mini Joints

Colorado’s Cannabis Queen Jane West also has a day version of these 0.35 gram hemp pre-rolls, but these will do a better job of calming you down if things get chaotic. There are 10 in each pack and they can be shipped anywhere.

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