The best pizza reheating method doesn't involve a microwave

Most pizza reheating methods are so imperfect, you're occasionally tempted to just eat it cold, like a goddamn barbarian (because you couldn't just throw it away... right?). But fortunately for literally everyone in America, you no longer have to face the tough choice of wolfing down refrigerated cheese bread or chucking it in the trash -- the ultimate pizza reheating method is here, and it's as simple as a skillet.

The culinary geniuses over at Food52 teamed up with the head pizzaiolo at Roberta's in Brooklyn to figure out what combination of factors led to the pizza's fullest revival from back-shelf breakfast fodder to full-blown hot meal option (provided you have any pizza left over at all). According to them, the necessary elements are a nonstick skillet, some water, and a lid. And here are the steps:

1. Place the pizza on the skillet for two minutes on medium-low heat.
2. When the crust starts getting warm and crispy, add two drops of water away from the pizza and adjust the heat to low.
3. Place the lid on top of the skillet and let the pizza steam for one minute.
4. Your pizza should now have a crispy crust and moist cheese, and be warm throughout.

And don't worry -- you'll always have your microwave for popcorn.

Adam Lapetina is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and will definitely remember this for the next time he doesn't eat eight slices in one sitting. Read his musings on Twitter at @adamlapetina.